Top 14 Bookstagram Posts of 2014

Hi guys! So much for the year 2014 and it’s about to end! This year has been so great to me. Lots of happy things happened. Lots of new experiences. Lots of new friends. And of course, lots of new books!
This year, I’ve finally got to meet my Pinoy Book Freaks United (PBFU) family! I’ve been a member of the group since the time it was very new and has only few members, but now, we’ve reached 3000+ members and I’m really really happy that we’re growing even bigger. We’re now having events like those of an official fandoms or groups or whatsoever. And as one of the admins, I feel so proud. I really love this group and I hope for more fun activities and events next year. Oh, and more books!
Yeah, well, so much for an introduction. Okay, so since 2014 is about to end, I’ve decided to take some bookstagrams on my Instagram account and choose my top 14 photos. It was really hard to choose, even when I already left out those I’ve posted through the November book challenge. I think it’ll just be redundant if I’ll include some. And 14 is really… few, so yeah, I got a hard time choosing. But anyway, I’ve included my favorites, so here goes.
1, January book haul (courtesy of National Bookstore warehouse sale and other online sales)
2. National Bookstore book selfie entry
3. My friends’ birthday surprise (it’s a super late gift. lol)
4. Complete Julie Kagawa collection (Talon’s not released yet there)
5. August book haul (Two of which I won from giveaways)
6. Complete Rainbow Rowell collection
7. A copy of Stolen Songbird which I’ve waited for 1 month and a half
8. September MIBF book haul
9. Complete Stephanie Perkins collection
10. A copy of Talon by Julie Kagawa all the way from UK!!!
11. November book haul
12. Slated and Fractured by Teri Terry
13. Christmas exchanged gift I got from friends
14. My favorite read of the year, Alienated by Melissa Landers
That’s pretty much it. I’m posting this in advance because I’ll be going back to my hometown for new year’s eve. Yay! Oh, and I’ll leave one more picture. 
This is a comparison of my last year’s shelf and now’s. I think this is the year where I’ve got the most number of books compared to the previous years. lol. But I’m pretty happy. 
Happy New Year guys! Let’s all have another fruitful and bookish year! Lots of love from me ~

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