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[Book Review] Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


This review is actually kinda long overdue. I finished this last year on the first week of December, during the typhoon where our classes got suspended for 2 consecutive days. But hello, here I am, making a review just now.

I’m not very surprised on how refreshingly light and easy read this one is. It’s Rainbow Rowell after all. This is my 3rd Rainbow Rowell book and I’m glad that I’ve read this after Fangirl and Eleanor and Park. I also found out that Attachments is Rowell’s first book, and I liked it far better than the former titles I’ve mentioned.

I read Fangirl first and I thought it’s just okay, it’s cute but it did not really get me. The next I read is Eleanor and Park last year during my OJT, and I liked it way better than Fangirl. This gave me more to look forward on Rainbow Rowell’s works. I actually gave Eleanor and Park a five-star rating. And then, I’ve finally decided to read Attachments and I really liked it, more than how I liked Eleanor and Park.

Adorable office romance.

At first, I thought the progress was too slow, maybe that’s just because I was too excited for the progress between Lincoln and Beth – the main protagonists. There’s no real contact between them until the last few chapters, but then, I thought it’s quite unique and well done anyway.

I mean, even if they’ve never spent so much time together, I find the romance over the email thing is so cute. This is written in email type on many parts, in the POV of the male protagonist.

Lincoln is really really adorable! I was actually imagining Channing Tatum as him throughout the story. I love Channing Tatum and I think he will be the best to play Lincoln if ever this will be given a chance to become a movie. Lincoln was described as a big man, and cute, so yeah, you get me?

Vague ending?!

One thing I noticed from Rainbow Rowell’s works that I’ve read so far is that she really loves vague endings. She does well on that part but it will still leave you hanging and wanting more, like “what the hell happened next?! Hey?!”.

What I like about Attachments is that this did not end like how Eleanor and Park and Fangirl did. No vague endings, and it left me with a smile on my face. A good satisfied feeling.

I have this favorite scene, and I’ll just leave it here

Beth: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Lincoln: Do you believe in love before that?

That’s so cute!

I love this very cute and romantic novel and I’m totally recommending it.

Happy New Year guys! *throws confetti*

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