Art by The Nocturnal Fey Commission

  • Bust/Headshot and Chibi – $4
  • Waist-up – $6
  • Knee-up/Full body – $8
  • Bust/Headshot – $6
  • Waist-up – $8
  • Knee-up/Full body – $10
Simple Shading
  • Bust/Headshot – $10
  • Waist-up – $13
  • Knee-up/Full body – $16

Flat color and one shading only

Full Shading
  • Bust/Headshot – $20
  • Waist-up – $25
  • Knee-up/Full body – $30

Full rendering or semi-realistic

  • Lineart – $6
  • Colored – $8

*Price per chibi
*No background 

  • Starts at $35

Watercolor artworks can be full traditional work, or mixed with digital media (texts/quotes or other effects). Rate may vary depending on the complexity of the artwork. Note that watercolor commission rate is higher due to the materials used.



  • Standard rate for ONE character only
  • Additional character can be discussed for discount
  • You can commission fan arts or original characters


  • Standard rate for single/gradient color background
  • Rates will vary for simple and fully rendered background depending on the details and complexity


  • Standard rate for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
  • You cannot use the commissioned piece for commercial purposes (distribute, reproduce, or sell) unless otherwise discussed.
  • I have the right to distribute any commission on my art store. Exclusive rights may be discussed.


  • Required 50% or 100% upfront payment
  • If paid 50% upfront, the remaining balance will be paid after the final piece is approved
  • I only accepts PayPal and TransferWise for international clients, UnionBank deposit/transfer for Philippine clients

Other information:

  • Overall, price may vary depending on the complexity of the art.
  • Please give me at least two weeks time before the deadline, otherwise it’ll be considered as rushed commission.
  • If I’m not comfortable with any request, I reserve the right to turn it down.
  • I may post the artworks in my online portfolio and social media. If you don’t want to get the commissioned piece to get posted online, please let me know.


If you are interested in commissioning me, you can contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss things further.