Unboxing: June 2018 FairyLoot

Last month, I received my first ever FairyLoot box as part of their summer rep team and I did a full unboxing here in my blog.  Today, I’m back with another unboxing of FairyLoot for the month of June. This FairyLoot box is SOOOOO AWESOME! I can’t stop freaking out at how amazing everything in this box is.

I also tried a stop-motion unboxing for my IGTV for the first time, and I’m also going to share that video somewhere on this blog post. It was really tiring but it was worth it!

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Disclaimer: I received the June 2018 FairyLoot box because  I was chosen as one of their  summer 2018 reps .

The theme for the month of June is “Rebels in Ballgowns” and it’s a box which is inspired by stories where there are rebels dressed in ballgowns (like literally). The featured book for this month has a main character who is on a secret mission but has to dress up – for a masquerade party!


The June “Rebels in Ballgowns” includes:

  • The spoiler card with a beautiful art by Tara Spruit
  • Exclusive “Corvere” Candle by Geeky Clean
  • Exclusive “Destiny” Cushion Cover designed by Miss Phi
  • Exclusive Reading Journal designed by Fictiontea Designs and Stella’s Bookish Art
  • Exclusive “Shatter Me” Magnetic Bookmarks by Tara Spruit
  • Masquerade Mask Necklace brought to us by Team FairyLoot
  • Exclusive “Looking Awesome” Iron-On Patch designed by Ink and Wonder
  • The book of the month is an exclusive FairyLoot edition of Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart – a UK hardcover edition (UK edition is only in paperback). This book actually comes out at the end of July!
  • Monthly FairyScoop and the monthly bookmark
  • Bonus items: Sea Witch Sampler Poster

The first item in the Rebels in Ballgowns FairyLoot box is this Nevernight inspired candle by Geeky Clean. It smells like strawberry and pepper and it has glitters on! And of course, a FairyLoot exclusive!

The next item is this GORGEOUS cushion cover designed by Miss Phi. It features a quote from Legendary by Stephanie Garber. This is one of the favorites in the box!


This got me freaking out! As someone who loves planners and journals, getting one from FairyLoot – and a bookish one at that – is just so awesome! This journal is designed by Fictiontea Designs with quote arts by Stella’s Bookish Art.

The whole team of FairyLoot has been working on this reading journal for months! It is dated from July to December. It’s very useful for me as someone who always messes up my schedule because of work, blogging, and reading time. I have a very terrible time management! I actually already started using this journal, AND I LOVE IT!

Next, is this gorgeous exclusive “Shatter Me” Magnetic Bookmarks by Tara Spruit! I am one of Tara’s fan. We always see her arts on each FairyLoot box, but this time, she designed these gorgeous full-body magnetic bookmarks.

Then we have this beautiful Masquerade Mask Necklace brought to us by Team FairyLoot. It goes really well with the theme and it is nickel-free. My mom actually wants to take it. Lol

I really love anything by Ink and Wonder! And this month, Ink and Wonder designed an exclusive “Looking Awesome” iron-on patch! I’m not sure where I should use this, BUT IT’S PRETTY!


The book of the month is Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart. This is an exclusive FairyLoot UK hardcover edition! The UK edition of this book comes only in paperback. So, you won’t find this cover in hardcover anywhere else! ALSO! This book actually comes out at the end of July, so FairyLoot subscribers have a whole month ahead before this book gets released!

It comes with a letter, a signed bookplate, and a postcard.

And did I mention that it has this really STUNNING designed behind the dust-jacket???

This book is a feminist fantasy that has fierce sisters, rebellion, and a masquerade ball! Add this now to your TBR.

And of course, I won’t forget the gorgeous prints in Rebels in Ballgowns box. First, we have the spoiler and theme card by the official FairyLoot artist Tara Spruit which comes with a bookmark version of it. Then, at the back of the letter from the author, is this gorgeous illustration inspired by the featured book.


This beautiful Sea Witch sampler poster is included in the June FairyLoot as a bonus item.

The FairyLoot team really did amazing for the June box. I am especially very hyped about the book, and the reading journal!



The July and August boxes are both now available for single purchase at FairyLoot’s website. Click the images above of the box you want to purchase to redirect you to the direct link on the website.

FairyLoot’s price starts at £26.00 plus shipping. If you want to subscribe, you can use the discount code below to get a 5% off on 3- or 6-month subscription.


Get your boxes now on their website HERE. Check out their other social media accounts as well for more info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the June 018 FairyLoot and its contents. Are you excited for Grace and Fury? If you purchased the June FairyLoot, don’t forget to join the monthly FairyLoot challenge for a change to win your next box!

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