Unboxing: May 2018 FairyLoot

Hello everyone! It’s been ages since the last time I did an unboxing post on my blog. WOW! I totally missed this! I got a new book subscription box for you! Well, that’s why I’m here. Haha!  This book subscription box is hella popular within the book community, and it’s REALLY PRETTY! I’ve been admiring their box ever since I joined bookstagram, and I finally got to experience the magic of their box!


I know. Sorry about that. I just really needed to let my ‘freaked out’ self out. Okay! No more chit-chats! Let’s just dive into the unboxing session.

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It is said that “FAIRYLOOT IS A BOX OF BOOKISH TREASURE STOLEN FROM A FAIRY’S LAIR.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box which focuses on fantasy themed contents. Their boxes contain recently released fantasy Young Adult book and several exclusive and high quality bookish goods.

They are based in London, UK, and they ship worldwide.


Disclaimer: I received the May 2018 FairyLoot box because  I was chosen as their new rep for May to July 2018.

FairyLoot is one of the first book subscription boxes that I followed on Instagram. I was immediately enticed by their box when I first stumbled upon them because they market to FANTASY readers. You know I love me some fantasy reads!

So, I recently joined their rep search (which I’ve been doing since 2016 by the way lol), and I was lucky enough to get chosen to be part of their new set of reps for May, June, and July.

The theme for May is “Save The Kingdom” and it’s a box inspired of stories that involved saving the kingdom. I already did an IG story unboxing but here’s a detailed one with individual pictures and all.

Let’s go!!!


Full unboxing of the May 2018 FairyLoot

The May “Save The Kingdom” includes:

  • The spoiler card with a beautiful art by Tara Spruit
  • Exclusive Norgard Vegan Bath Bomb by Little Hearts Gifts
  • Exclusive Weapon Coaster designed by Evie Bookish
  • Exclusive Wyrd Mark Page Flags by Fictiontea Designs
  • Exclusive Remnant Vegan Lip Scrub by Geeky Clean
  • Save The Kingdom Tea by The Tea Leaf Co
  • An exclusive Fear Book Sleeve designed by Reverie & Ink
  • The book of the month is an exclusive FairyLoot edition of Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett – it has black sprayed pages, and it comes with a letter from the author, sticker, and a signed bookplate
  • Monthly FairyScoop and the monthly bookmark
  • Bonus items: Legendary tarot card and Smoke and the Sun bookmark

The first thing that greeted me when I opened the stunning FairyLoot box was this gorgeous art by the official artist of FairyLoot, Tara Spruit. The back of the print contains a spoiler of all the items of the box.

The next thing I grabbed is this pretty Norgard vegan bath bomb by Little Hearts Gifts which I initially thought was a soap. Haha. It’s so pretty! I can’t imagine dumping it in the water and watch it vanish. Lol


Then, we got this stunning coaster designed by Evie Bookish. I immediately knew that this was by Evie Bookish. Her style is so well-known in the bookish community, so I didn’t have second thought when I saw it. This piece is gorgeous! It is inspired by The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski.

Next, is this exclusive Throne of Glass-inspired Wyrdmark page flags by Fictiontea Designs. I still haven’t finished TOG but I loved the books I have read so far. So cute!

Next, we have this exclusive Remnant vegan lip scrub by Geeky Clean. This lip scrub smells amazing! I also already tried it and it is exactly what my chapped lips need. Lol.

It is inspired by The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson, and I got the Dalbreck (melon flavor) one. Others are Venda and Morrighan (lemon and berries flavors).


This one is one of my favorites! Your girl can’t have enough caffeine running in her veins so this English Breakfast tea is just too perfect! We got a Save The Kingdom Tea by The Tea Leaf Co. The packaging says “Wake up! It’s time to save the kingdom!”. Isn’t that too cute? Haha

The last thing that I got before the book is this beautiful book sleeve exclusively designed by Reverie & Ink for FairyLoot. The quote is from An Ember in The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I absolutely love the gradient on this one. It’s also pretty big and it can fit a large hardcover.


The book for the Save The Kingdom FairyLoot is Onyx & Ivory by Mintee Arnett. It’s an exclusive FairyLoot edition with sprayed black pages.


This book is filled with magic, romance, action, and so much more. I’m so excited to read it! Add it now on your Goodreads TBR!

And of course, the book comes  with a gorgeous print with a letter from the author at the back, a sticker, and a signed bookplate.


Of course, we get our monthly FairyScoop which contains an exclusive interview with the author, the FairyLoot monthly challenge, and more. We also have the monthly bookmark version of the spoiler card by Tara.

We also got bonus items of Legendary tarot card and Smoke and the Sun bookmark,

Closer look of the bookmarks.


Yes! It’s my very first FairyLoot experience which made it a lot more memorable. And what can I say? It’s a bomb! This book subscription box is literally EVERYTHING!

June theme image grabbed from FairyLoot

The June boxes are now available for single purchase at FairyLoot’s website. If you still haven’t subscribed, this is your chance!

FairyLoot’s price starts at £26.00 plus shipping. You can use the discount code below to get a 5% off on 3- or 6-month subscription.


Get your boxes now on their website HERE. Check out their other social media accounts as well for more info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the May 2018 FairyLoot and its contents. Have you read Onyx & Ivory? If you purchased the May FairyLoot, don’t forget to join the monthly FairyLoot challenge for a change to win your next box!



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