Unboxing: June 2017 Adult Once Upon A Book Club Box

Hey guys! It’s time for the June Once Upon A Book Club Box unboxing!

If you want to see the full unboxing of the previous month’s box, with spoilers and all, go to this LINK.

* About Once Upon A Book Club*

Once Upon A Book Club was formed by the owner/designer Michelle Wolett of Chick Lit Designs and Once Upon a BookCase. It all started after Michelle read “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. She wanted to create a reading experience where readers will feel that they are physically part of the world they’re reading.

They have two types of boxes: Adult box and Young Adult box.

*What to Expect Inside The Box *

Once Upon A Book Club box has a very cool concept. This book subscription box aims to provide a different reading experience to their subscribers. Each box includes a book, a quote print and 3-5 gifts that match a quote/line from the book on their corresponding page numbers.

* June 2017 Adult Box – Lost and Found Souls*

Disclaimer: I was chosen as one of the May – July 2017 reps of the Adult Once Upon A Book Club Box to help unbox, and promote throughout social media platforms. I received the Time Travel Romance Once Upon A Book Club box directly from the the team.

Last month’s box was incredible! I totally loved the book (which I have yet to review, but SOON!), and I loved all the gifts. So, I’m super excited for the June box. Without any more extra talks, let’s just jump into the unboxing!

This unboxing will contain complete details of the June 2017 adult Once Upon A Book Club box, and possible gift spoilers.

Once Upon A Book Club revealed the hint for June 2017 as Lost and Found SoulsThe book featured for this takes on the topics of love, loss, and how to deal with grief. According to Once Upon A Book Club, the novel is a twisted love triangle among the living, the dead, and the reincarnated.

* What’s Inside The Box *

The June Adult Once Upon A Book Club Box includes:

  • Featured book: A Strange Companion by Lisa Manterfield
  • 4 wrapped gifts
  • Quote print
  • Once Upon a Book Club box read-along and discussion question dates

The featured book for the month of June is A Strange Companion by Lisa Manterfield. Michelle of Once Upon A Book Club posted an excerpt of this book in April, and the members immediately got intrigued on what the book is. And yeah, Michelle chose it as the book for the month of June!

I checked the book on Goodreads and there are so many good reviews about it, and a high average rating! Now, that intrigues me even more. Be sure to add the book on Goodreads!

Next, we have the beautiful quote print from the book itself.

June Read-Along dates (7pm EST on IG live and 7:30pm EST on FB live):

  • Page 11 – July 9th
  • Page 95 – July 10th
  • Page 190 – July 12th
  • Page 262 – July 14th

June Discussion Question dates:

  • July 16th-20th

Now, for the gifts, click the arrow on each image slider to see the unwrapped gifts. I will be editing this post whenever I open a new gift. 

  • Gift #1 - Page 11

  • Gift #2 - Page 95

  • Gift #3 - Page 119

  • Gift #4 - Page 263

Full unwrapped gifts (click next image to reveal spoiler)

  • All the wrapped gifts of the June 2017 adult Once Upon A Book Club box ** Turn next image for all unwrapped gifts

That’s it guys!

Again, Once Upon A Book Club did a great job with their book selection. Currently reading and liking it so far!

Huge thanks to the whole Once Upon A Book Club team for letting me be part of your team, and for letting me have a different kind of reading experience.


Once Upon A Book Club box reached it’s 1st year! And to celebrate this milestone, they are having an EPIC GIVEAWAY until July 10th! Click the image to enter.

July 2017 Once Upon A Book Club hint is “THE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER CLUB

Once Upon A Book Club is available for $34.99 plus shipping. If you want to get your Once Upon A Book Club box (single or multi-month) you can use the code “NOCTURNALFEY10″ to get a 10% off on your subscription. You can use the code both on adult and young adult boxes. Visit their website at onceuponabookclub.com.


Check out their other social media accounts and join the read-along dates if you’re a current subscriber: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Let me know on the comments below what you think of the June Once Upon A Book Club box and its contents.


14 thoughts on “Unboxing: June 2017 Adult Once Upon A Book Club Box”

        1. Oh, I love both! If only I can afford, I’d get all the book sub boxes including FairyLoot and Shelflovecrate. Haha. But I love the surpriseS here in OUABC. 🙂

          1. Oh, yes! I also found out about that one just recently. There are so many promising book sub boxes popping out recently.

  1. I LOVE your blog! It’s gorgeous <3 I don't know why I didn't find it sooner! The art work and the pretty photos really make the post come alive.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I haven’t been very active so far this year, and I really want to make up for the rest of the year. Well, hopefully! Thanks for the visit. <3

  2. I’m not usually one for subscription boxes but I love the sound of this. I love that they wrap the extra items so that they are even more of a surprise after you’ve opened the box and seen the book. Plus, I love that they have a read-along! Such a cute idea.

    1. For someone who wants to have memorabilia that are directly related to the book I’m reading, this box is perfect. I also love that they choose items that readers can use/practical stuff. 🙂

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