The Crystal Tour: Fire Falling Appreciation Post [Fan Art + Bookstagram Collection]

I can’t believe I have to say this, but yup, it’s not like I can avoid the inevitable. The Air Awakens series by Elise Kova is about to end. If you have been with me here on my blog, you surely know how crazy I am for Air Awakens series. Crystal Crowned, the fifth and final book of the series, is set to go out in the world on July 12th. To celebrate the end of the Air Awakens, Elise organized The Crystal Tour which features the whole series. And I am so ecstatic to be part of the Fire Falling portion!
I chose to participate Fire Falling because, yeah, I’m not gonna lie, it’s my favorite book out of all in the series. I think, Fire Falling brought out the most of my emotions. I teared up real hard in Fire Falling, and I experienced the most awful and brutal cliffhanger of all time!
So to show my love for Fire Falling — actually, not only for Fire Falling, but for the whole series — I prepared a fan art and I collected all the Air Awakens photos I have on my bookstagram.

Actually, I’ve always wanted to do this, but last time, during Water’s Wrath promotion, my time lapse video failed big time. So… I tried this one more time… and I finally made it! Hope you enjoy watching how I did my fan art.

Just a few note about this art. I did a Vhalla Yarl in an armor because Vhalla first wore her armor in Fire Falling. It was the start of her bigger self discoveries. I know I may have missed details on her, but this is the closest I tried to picture her (drawing armor is really hard, man. lol). And also, I included the sun on purpose, because, uuuh, I just want to include anything that symbolize the Solaris Empire. Lol
Here’s the final image:
As I’ve mentioned above, I planned to do this on Water’s Wrath release tour, but, I failed miserably. Lol. But here’s the fan color I did (original line art by Elise Kova) original post here –> click
And if you’re also following me on Instagram or Twitter, I also did a fanart of Vhalla and Aldrik together, last year after I read Fire Falling (I was on a withdrawal period lol. I seriously love Fire Falling).
… which is now on my wall (with Baldair’s letter). lol


Now… You know how beautiful the covers of the Air Awakens books are, and I’ll never get tired of taking photos of these gems. I’m putting up my 9 most favorite photos but you can check more here >>> @thenocturnalfey

I got a signed eBook of Fire Falling from Elise during the Tower Guard Skype session. Told ya, I really love Fire Falling! ;p
Air Awakens series reviews:

To celebrate, Library Luv from Beyond The Book Reviews prepared a Twitter giveaway on the Air Awakens fandom account we’re managing:
In Celebration of the Crystal Tour and the release of Crystal Crowned we’re hosting a giveaway#AACrystalTourQuotes
โ€” Crystal Crowned 7/12 (@AirAwakens) June 21, 2016

And the massive giveaway from Elise Kova

* Other Events In the Tour *
Facebook Release Party โ€“ July 12, 7:00-10:00pm EST


About: Join Elise Kova and friends, Michelle Madow, Susan Dennard, Rachel E. Carter, Leia Stone, C.M. Lucas, Laura Thalassa, and Danielle L. Jensen for the Crystal Crowned release party on Facebook! It will be an evening of fun, games, discussion, giveaways, and more!

Goodreads Fan Club Discussion/AMA โ€“ July 30, 7:00-9:00pm EST


About: Join author Elise Kova for two hours of discussion on the conclusion of the Air Awakens series. Bring all your questions!

The tower takes care of its own. #ProudTowerGuard

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