Recap: What Happened in January?

Pardon my ugly

I was quite active this January 2016 on my blog, have you noticed? And quite frankly, more active than my January to June 2015 all combined. lol. Looks like I’m really trying to be true to my words about making my blog in 2016 more alive than the previous years. I just hope that it will last until the end of the year.

I’ve been doing Monthly Wrap-Ups but I’ve never done a monthly recap in general, so I figured since I’m really working on making my blog more active, I’ll go all the way.
What Happened in January? 
Lots of things happened in January! Where do I even start? Oh, let’s go first with the bookish ones.

Books read and reviewed
I was only able to read 4 books this month. I’ve been busy with work and other stuff lately, so I think that’s already a pretty good number for me. Out of the 4 books I read, 3 full reviews were published on my blog and all reviews can also be found on my Goodreads.
Check my January Wrap-up post for the titles and links to reviews.
Blog Posts
I posted a whooping 18 entries in January!!! Which, I was serious when I said it’s far greater than my January to June 2015 all combined. How did this happen???
* I shared the Reading and Blogging Challenges I’m joining for 2016
* I shared my TOP 10 Bookstagram Tips for Starters, and Favorite Book Genres on TTT
* I featured 3 Waiting on Wednesday: In This Life, Sword and Verse, and Warrior Witch
* I did the book tag challenge A New Year, A New Book
* I featured Fire Falling for Thursday Quotables
* I shared my recent contemporary discoveries on Friday Finds
* I featured The Sea of Tranquility on my first ever Dream-casting post.
* I joined 2 blog tours: In This Life and Blast From Two Pasts
* I reviewed 3 books with links that can be found on my January Monthly Wrap-up

Reading & Blogging Challenges

* I’m 1 book ahead on my Goodreads reading challenge. (4/40)
* I blog hopped and commented on 28 book blogs on Nori’s Commenting365 challenge. (I’m way behind! lol)

On blog and other bookish Stuff

* I finally created a Review Policy and Rating System pages on my blog

* If you’ve been with me since last year, you’d have noticed that I revamped my blog! The header, the background, the color, the footer, almost EVERYTHING! 🙂

* I created the first Air Awakens series fan account. (Thanks to Elise Kova, the author herself, for the all out support! xoxo) If you’re a fan of the series, be sure to follow us (click the image to be redirected)

* Elise Kova’s street team got an official name and I’m so proud to be part of the super cool Tower Guards! Follow @The_Tower_Guard on Twitter

Elise Kova, YA Fantasy Author
* I haven’t posted my January book haul yet. I’ll also include February to-be-reviewed books there.
Non-bookish & randomness
* I reached 600 followers on Twitter and 3500 on Instagram! Thank you lovely beings! *throws love*
* My blog page views and visitors doubled compared to my December stats. I didn’t know how that happened, but I was so happy! Thank you! *cries from happiness*
I think I’ve shared much already. So many other things had happened, including good and bad, but overall, my January was awesome for a year-starter.
I’ll definitely work harder for a more awesome February. I’m looking forward to it!

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