Hello blogger!

And so it happens.

For years, I’ve been trying my best to blog decently. I mean, I post random entries but I’ve never really posted something sensible.

I don’t remember how long it was since I’ve created my Tumblr page. I’ve started with random photoblogs… and continued doing just like that. Until I have reached more than 400 followers. I took a break. It’s just, I’m not active anymore. I don’t know what to post. I don’t know who I’m following. What blogs I’m following. I just click randomly. And all I can see are random reblogs.

Recently, I’ve been visiting a lot of blogs. Real blogs. Not just reblogging sites. Those blogs, if not travel blogs, are book blogs. I really enjoy reading their entries. And then I thought, I want to get serious on this. Why not try? I’ve been planning to make a blog all this time. I just don’t have the time.

And since today is the start of our vacation (well right before our OJT) ,  I did my best effort to pimp this little blog of mine. It will be just like my Tumblr. I mean, photos, drawings, life snippents… but with better contents. And I will probably post more thoughts. Thoughts floating on my mind, but were always left unsaid/unwritten. You see, there are times when I really think I’m so genius, I should speak to public. But that’s just my pure imagination and part of my procrastination.

Customizing blog is quite tiring, no?

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  1. But it's fun you know. lol! Like for example now, I've been fixing my "reply" button on the comments for like how many hours already. But I eventually did fix it! Hahahah!

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