Top Ten Tuesday [01]: My Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. List down anything book related you want as your Top Ten.
For my first Top Ten Tuesday post, I will be posting my pet peeves as a bookworm. I’ve seen lots of Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves from other blogs but of course, I have my own. And some may be the same, some may be different from the other old posts. So, I’m going to list down mine, and comment below if you can relate with me. *winks*
1. Dog ears, folds, tears, creases and stains. I take extremely good care of my books. I never fold or write on them. So of course, I’d hate stains, especially food stains. Page tears will make me mad. Like, real mad. Just… I mean, really? About creases, I know that sometimes it’s inevitable, I’m not that shallow. But as much as possible, I try to avoid spine creases. 
2. Different format, size, and cover edition on a series. Do I still need to explain???

Different formats – When you own a series which are all in hardbound except for one?

Different editions – When you own all US editions of a series, but one, which is in UK edition…. with a completely different cover. And size.
Different sizes – When you have a complete series, with just the same cover edition, but they have different sizes???
3. Cover design change / Mismatched covers. When a new series just released it’s sequel but the cover design/ layout completely changed and they became mismatched and like, seriously? Why??
4. Bookstore staffs who obviously don’t want to entertain inquiries. I seriously hate it when I go to bookstore and approach a staff and the conversation would go like this…
Me: Hi, do you have this *insert title here*?
Staff: Who’s the author?
Me: *Insert the author’s name here*
Staff: *thinks for 5 seconds* Hmm. Sorry, we don’t have it yet.
*The me internally*
Oh? Did you just make an inventory check on your mind? In 5 seconds? Like wow? That’s how great are you to memorize all these books here? Awesome! I believe you have a computer to check your books, e?

Me: Oh. Okay. Thanks. *walks away sad and hurt*
5. People who borrow books but don’t actually read them. Some people borrow books for months but they never actually read them. They just made me miss my books for nothing. It’s not hateful, it’s just sad.
6. Extremely annoying and sad/tragic love triangle. I don’t generally hate love triangles. In fact, I liked the love triangle on Iron Fey. I just hate annoying love triangles. And sad love triangles.

What do I mean by annoying? I also don’t hate The Selection, don’t get me wrong. It’s the fact that America got so annoyingly confused between Aspen and Maxon EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. IT WAS HELLA FRUSTRATING. So yeah.

Sad/tragic? I am a manga reader and it’s very usual for shoujo mangas to have love triangles. ALWAYS. It’s fine, really. But what I hate about it, is when I come to terms of liking the characters of both parties involved. And so, when it’s the time to choose the person she loves, of course, it’s pretty inevitable for the other guy to not get hurt. And and and, I’ll feel really sad for him. And hurt. And broken. Like, hey, I don’t want to see you so much in pain, come here and I’ll comfort you. *sniff* Happened in The Iron Fey. I was devastated for a while. 

7. Mainstream and over-hyped books/series. I’ve already mentioned on my old posts how I’m not a fan of mainstream and over-hype books. I don’t really know how to explain this. But when a book or a series gets too hyped, I become a lot less interested. I’ll just get back to it when the hype dies a little. There are exceptions, when I’m truly interested with the book. Hell, forget about the pet peeves.

8. Stickers on books (bookstore price, movie promotion, etc). Look at this photo. That’s not even a sticker. It’s freakin’ attached on the book. Permanently. And it’s hideous. I don’t mean, just because it says “the next Twilight”, (just avoiding misunderstanding here. lol), I just hate stickers or something like this on covers in general. Especially bookstore price stickers who leave residues when you remove them. Na.

9. Overpriced books. Not so long ago, books weren’t priced so high on our local bookstores. Paperbacks usually cost only around PHP350 (roughly $7-8), but now the average price of a paperback is around PHP399-500 or more ($9-11). Hardcovers, before, were usually only around PHP650 ($14), but now, newly released can cost up to P900 ($20). There are books that remained priced as low as before, but the newly released books are just too expensive. Even ebooks/kindles are getting more and more expensive.
I totally understand the price increases on different goods and stuffs. But the increase on books were dramatic. It feels like being a bookworm is now becoming a lavish hobby. Not to the extent, but still, it’s not supposed to be like that, right? I believe that readers should have an easy access to books. It’s just sad.
10. SPOILERS. I got spoiled a few times. And it’s not a good experience. I mean, it’s okay to tell me the plot twist or the ending, IF I let you do it. But if I get spoiled accidentally, I become less interested to continue reading whatever that book I got spoiled at. I mean, where’s the thrill if you already know what will happen? Not exciting anymore. It will become boring.
BONUS: Broken series. By this, I mean having an incomplete series. For example, you have the sequels but you don’t have the book 1. Or you have the book 1 and 3, but you don’t have the book 2. It’s funny actually. I don’t even know how this happens to me all the time… It just happens. lol
So those are my top ten bookish pet peeves! Can you relate? What are yours? Comment below and let’s see if we’re sharing the same sentiments. Ha! Byeeee ~ *flies*

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday [01]: My Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. Overpriced books 🙁 Sticker on books! And those bookstore staff. I once went to NBS to ask for a title, same issue, checked for 5 seconds in her "brain catalog", said the book wasn't available. Scoured the shelves and found it. Pfft.

    ~ Dre @ Sporadic Reads

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