The End of Naruto… The End of My Childhood?

Hi guys! Let’s have a short break from book reviews and other novel-related blog posts. So aside from being a reader of English fiction and non-fiction novels, I used to be an avid Anime Otaku during my teenage days. (To think that I’m no longer a teenager, it still depresses me somehow. lol just kidding) Well, not that I don’t watch anime anymore. It’s just that when I went to college, I rarely have spare time and so I’m not able to watch anime very often. But being the reader I am, I still do read manga or comic books a lot. So this post will be all about my ever favorite manga and anime of all time.
I know that most of you, even if you’re not a fan of anime or manga, are very familiar with Naruto, right? It’s so popular that even those who don’t watch anime knows the name. Today, I will be talking about Naruto.

Last Friday night (you’re not suppose to sing this!), while scrolling down on my Facebook news feed, an artist friend shared a video on her timeline. It’s on Japanese, and I got curious so I watched it. What could it be? It’s the trailer of The Last: Naruto The Movie! 
How to put it… after watching the more-than-a-minute trailer, I dunno, I’ve had this mixed emotions. It’s a mixture of excitement and sadness. Excitement because, duh, a new Naruto movie! But why the sadness?
I first watched Naruto during my 4th grade in primary school, that was in 2004 and I’m around 9-10 years old (you’ve probably guessed my age by now. lol). It was aired in the afternoon so I would often rush back home from school just to catch the airing of the episode. That time, I’m already a fan of anime. I do watch lots of anime being aired on our local TV networks, but I am not yet familiar with manga or the roots of the anime series. Aside from the awesomeness of the animations, why I love watching anime so much is because of the drawings or the art. I like admiring the drawings and I would often draw fan arts. My notebooks during my primary school and high school were all full of doodles and drawings of the anime characters I watch. I grew up admiring all these awesome work of art and animation. Naruto, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Magic Knight Rayearth, D.Gray-man, Inuyasha – these are just some of the anime I grew up with.
So yeah, that’s the back story. Going back to the question, why am I feeling sad? It’s obvious already right? The Last: Naruto The Movie. It’s the last movie. Maybe I’m just overreacting or something, yes. But it’s just that, I’ve felt very nostalgic after watching the trailer. I suddenly missed my childhood. The anime/manga I grew up with, is ending… and I feel so sad about it.
I’ve started reading the manga of Naruto during my high school years, but I stopped at around chapter 300 something and just relied on the anime, which is then Naruto Shippuuden. The characters are also growing up! See, even the characters were growing together with me. lol. And then, even after entering college, I still watched the anime with my brothers. But when my schedule got pretty hectic, I stopped watching Naruto Shippuden at season 10. That’s when I completely got lost with the story.
And then there’s that. I saw the trailer and suddenly, I want to reread and re-watch the whole series from the beginning. And yes, I did. I started rereading immediately after watching the trailer, and I’m currently on chapter 210. I know, waaaaaaay to gooooooo!
But, know what makes me even more sad? It’s not just the last movie of Naruto. Next week on the 10th day of November 2014, the last two chapters of the manga will be released in Japan. 
The last two chapters…. the last… two chapters… of the manga. It’s going to be the end… The end!!!
Do you know what it feels like??? To end your favorite anime which you grew up with???
It’s like when you’ve finished a novel that you really like. Like for the Harry Potter fans (I am too!). I know you experienced this feeling when Harry Potter series ended, coz I did! The books and the movies? It’s too painful right? Right?! Right??!!!
So don’t judge me. I am not overreacting… I’m not! Even if the last chapters aren’t released yet, I’m already feeling empty.
The manga has been ongoing for 15 years. I’ve started watching it on 2004, so for 10 years. For freaking 10 years of being a Naruto fan… My childhood… The fondest memory of my childhood… it’s coming to an end. And I am not ready yet.
While rereading the series, the last page of one chapter – I think it’s around chapter 91 or 92 – says that the manga has been ongoing for 2 years… in which I’ve only reread for freaking 1 day!!!
But we have to accept, my fellow Naruto fans. This amazing story will always remain in our hearts. The lessons taught. Naruto’s principle in becoming a great shinobi and the next Hokage. Believing on our dreams. And telling us the true meaning of friendship and trust for our comrades.
Even if it ends, I will always be a loyal Naruto fan, because that’s my ninja way!!!

Okay, I think that’s enough with my drama already. I’m sorry for getting so emotional. lol. I just want to release all these feelings! And thanks blogger, and to those who’ll eventually read this – thanks for wasting your precious time reading my blabbering. Anyway, since I’ve mentioned about The Last: Naruto The Movie, I’ll leave some images below and the trailer.

on December 6, 2014

Some trivia I got from Narutopedia,
“This film is said to be a love story by Masashi Kishimoto, given how he always wanted to write one. As such, its tagline is “The last episode; a first love.”

Well? Anyway, these are said to be the character designs for the movie. I’m not even sure myself because there have been leaked photos all over the internet right after the trailer was launched. Then some fan arts that look so legit come surfacing too. But anyway, woooh! Ino looks so hot! And why does Gaara looks like a shoujo manga bishounen? Haha!

I saw many more leaked photos. But it might spoil the ending, so I’ll post just these.

There are also rumors that this will be a love story of Naruto and Hinata, so I’ll leave a fan art here too.

(photo credit to the original owner)

DISCLAIMER: All photos used are not mine. Credits belong to the original owners.

(photo from Tumblr)



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  1. I was very sad too when this movie came out but now with Boruto I was even happy but now again the impotence of kurama dying made me think about all those years of naruto journey

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