Unboxing: September 2017 Shelflove Crate

Hey guys! It’s time for another unboxing! This is a new book subscription box for me, which means it’s also the first time that I’m featuring it here in the blog. This book subscription is also fairly new in general, so I’m super excited to share it with you guys!

By the way, I created a NEW page in the blog with a complete list of my subscription box unboxings so far. Check it HERE. The book subscription box that I’m going to share today is called the Shelflove Crate, and I’m so excited! So let’s start knowing more about Shelflove Crate!

* About Shelflove Crate*

Shelflove Crate is a US-based sci-fi and fantasy focused YA book subscription box. They first released their demo box in April 2017, and officially launched in May 2017.

They’ve been doing extremely amazing, so they decided to launch their Middle-Grade counterpart just last September, which is called Shelflove Snippets. Not only that! They’ve just recently announced a new YA counterpart that’s not focused on sci-fi and fantasy. This is called Shelflove Reads which will focus more on general YA fiction, and it will be officially launched on January 2018.

I really love how they’ve decided to widen their selections, for those who want to opt for other genres other than sci-fi and fantasy.

* September 2017 – Space Explorers *

Disclaimer: I got the September 2017 Shelflove Crate in exchange for something I made for their box, which you will be seeing later on this post.

I’ve been following this subscription box since even before they officially launched, and I’m just so thrilled to finally try their box for the first time! And not only just to try it as a rep for unboxing (well, I’m not even a rep haha), or for review, but I got to try it because I was able to directly work with Dania, the founder and curator of Shelflove Crate.

So, a little backstory. Dania contacted me on Instagram back in June and she wanted to feature my work for their monthly postcards. They feature different artists each month and they are all amazing! So, it’s just such a great honor to be lined up with all their previous amazing artists.

I was originally contacted to work for the August box, but was moved to September to fit the theme. So, as you can see on the sub-header, the theme is Space Explorers, which means I made something that gives very outer-space-ish vibe. And I’m so excited to share it with you guys and see what you think!

So, let’s now jump into the unboxing!!!


* What’s Inside The Box *

Those milky way galaxy stuff in the box are very photoshopped by the way. Haha

The September “Space Explorers” includes:

  • A Space Trip pair of socks by Many Mornings
  • Super cute Baby Groot magnetic bookmark by Beedoto
  • An exclusively designed eyeglass pouch (which I definitely need in my life) inspired by TV show The 100 by Miss Phi
  • Exclusively designed “I Spaceship It” pin by Bookmarkd Tattoos
  • An Illuminae inspired silly putty!
  • This month’s exclusive featured postcard art is by YOURS TRULY (Nocturnal Fey Art)
  • The book of the month is Nyxia by Scott Reintgen, with a signed bookplate, a letter from the author with print at the other side, and the monthly Shelflove bookmark with quote from the book.

The first thing that greeted me upon opening my first Shelflove Crate is this gorgeous blue inside of the box that says “Your magical journey starts now…”. How cool is that?!

The first item that you’ll usually see on every Shelflove Crate is the postcard of the month. But since I made that one, I’m going to put it last on this blog post, so that I can talk more about it. Lol

So, instead, here is this super super pretty Space Trip pair of socks by Many Mornings. I usually just wear ankle socks, but these are just too adorable not to use. I quite like that they are not identical. Haha

Say hello to Baby Groot!

Next, we have this extremely adorable Baby Groot magnetic bookmark by Beedoto. This is so cute, like, I just can’t! I think this is the same shop who made an Emika Chen magnetic bookmark for the Warcross box from FanMail. They’re amazing!

The next item is something that I will definitely use in my life! As someone who has visual impairment, my glasses are literally my holy grail, so I need something to protect them. Especially when I put down my glasses and I can’t find them afterwards? Prone to being shoved on the floor! So, this exclusively designed eyeglass pouch inspired by TV show The 100 by Miss Phi is just perfect. Thank you!

The next item is this super cute exclusively designed “I Spaceship It” pin by Bookmarkd Tattoos owned by Katie of @readerrewind bookstagram. Katie is such a sweetie, so I’m thrilled to have this item designed by her. She’s also now a part of the Shelflove Crate team as a curator. Congrats, Katie!

A silly putty!

This is actually quite the surprise out of all the stuffs in the box. Lol. They included an Illuminae inspired silly putty which I really find adorable.

The feature book of September 2017 Shelflove Crate is Nyxia by Scott Reintgen. It comes with a signed bookplate, a quote print from the book and a letter from the author at the other side, and the monthly Shelflove bookmark with another quote from the book.

I keep hearing great things about this book. My friend Raf, from The Royal Polar Bear Reads already read this book and loved it, so I’m super excited to read it too.

FINALLY! The featured postcard art of the month

This month’s exclusive featured postcard art, again, is by YOURS TRULY. I’m going to link my art bookstagram account because I’m proud of myself like that! Lol. So, here – Nocturnal Fey Art!

I actually made TWO variations – one male and one female. We called them the Galaxy Prince and Galaxy Princess. Isn’t it cute? So, as you can see I got the female version of the art print. BUT I have the actual artworks, so let me show them to you!

So, yeah! The original artworks are watercolor paintings and they are quite big. I was able to finish them in mid-July, if I’m not mistaken. And I’ve been meaning to send these actual artworks over to Dania, but haven’t had the time to work on it with her yet (hopefully she still wants them tho haha).

It was really fun working on these artworks. Dania was amazing to work with and hopefully I can work with her again in the future.

Shout out to Dania for giving me this amazing opportunity! Thank you! <3


Okay, to be very honest, even without my artwork in here, I’d be very HAPPY to have this box. Isn’t it amazing?! Just look at all those stuffs! I’m sure that this is not going to be my last Shelflove Crate!

October 2017 Box “Enchanted Journeys”

The theme for October 2017 is “Enchanted Journeys”, but unfortunately, they already shipped the boxes. I told you guys, I’m super, I’m sorry! BUT… you can avail their November 2017 boxes.

November 2017 Box “Fight The Power”

Image grabbed from @shelflovecrate on Instagram

The November boxes are currently sold, but according to them, they will put up few extra boxes on sale in the next couple of days. So, stay tuned for their announcement on Instagram!

Shelflove Crate is priced at $29.99 plus shipping. Unfortunately, I don’t have a coupon you can use, but get your boxes now on their website HERE

Also, check out their other social media accounts for more info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the September Shelflove Crate and its contents. Have you read Nyxia?


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  1. YAY. Another US-based YA book box! I’ve been ordering FairyLoot and Illumicrate to supplement my OwlCrate fix… but they’re overseas so SOOOO expensive. I’ve subscribed to this one to give it a try. I LOVE the silly putty! And enamel pins are always a win. 🙂

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