HEY I’M BACK!!! – First Blogoversary + Giveaway Winner + What’s I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys! Seriously. I know. I’ve been dead for a couple of weeks or maybe a month or so. I had a lot of things going on. It’s already been 2 weeks since my giveaway ended but I have yet to announce my winner. So let me tell you a short story. lol.
My last blog post was last 21st of February – that’s my book review for Invaded by Melissa Landers and a reminder for my ongoing giveaway. After my last blog post, I got preoccupied by my school works so I never had the chance to promote my giveaway, to read any of my precious TBR book, or to update my blog. I was a college graduating so for the following weeks, I’ve been busy attending mock interviews, job fairs and exit interviews. So much for waking up so early in the morning and dressing up nicely (talk about corporate attire!). When March started, I really hoped for some break at least. But then, we were informed by our professors that in a few days, we’ll be having our final examinations since we are graduating students. And boom! Final requirements came in like a wrecking ball. For 3 weeks, I never got a sleep of more than 5 hours. I edited a video for our Society and Culture final requirement, then we had to make some kind of scrapbook for The Life of Rizal, and then final quizzes here and there, and of course, the terrifying final exams. Just look at my March schedule. lol
Totally wrecked our lives!

Anyway, fortunately, I survived the whirlwind weeks and finally am about to graduate. For real. YES FO REAL! YAY!
But… guess what? After our final examinations, I thought I’d be fine after recharging myself, like taking more than 8 hours of sleep again or relaxing, reading, and stuff. But no. Hell no! Maybe it was the side effects of the 3 weeks I’ve got so bad? I’m always feeling so tired even if I’m doing totally nothing. I just want to sleep all the time. I’m feeling so awful. You know, my giveaway ended – I did nothing about it, I did not announce the winner just because I.. just can’t do anything. I only watch TV series and movies (American and Korean. lol) I can’t even read. I tried working with my art commissions but I failed a thousand times. Oh and also, my laptop is retiring now. It’s so slow and very frustrating. The more reason for me to stop doing my usual routine. You know, my laptop is my life! I was like in a total coma until today. I’ve decided to finally wake up. I dunno what got into me. Maybe I finally realized that I’m being a total worthless as withered weed. lol. And it’s not good, because, hey boy, I need to find a job now that I’m graduating from being a student. HA – HA!
So yeah, what I’m trying to say is, I’m back to business guys! I’m up! So fully energized. Alive and kickin’! Yeah, so much for short story as an introduction. lol. But you know what? Maybe… Just maybe… the reason why I’m motivated again is because,,, finally Ariel happened to me, ang gaan sa bulsa ‘coz it’s just 7.50!!!

Oh my God. What did just I… Oh gosh.

Okay. Some of you might not know (well I guess, most of you, since I’ve been dead during my supposed-to-be celebration), but it was my freakin’ first blog anniversary last March 29, 2015!! *throws confetti*
It’s a shame though. This blog is up for a year already but I never managed to make it so alive on that long period. I’m always so busy with other things. I post rather occasionally or sometimes, I’ll be dead for weeks. So I’m really really grateful that even if this blog is not sooo active, even if I’m not a very good blogger, or a writer, or a book reviewer, or even if my posts are not so entertaining,  you guys, who are reading this now, take your time to visit and read my blog. Yeah. So thank you very much guys!
And to celebrate my first blogoversary, I held a giveaway to serve as a “thank you” to everyone who supports this blog. My giveaway started on the release week blitz of Invaded by Melissa Landers and it ended last March 25, 2015. I gave away a paperback copy of Alienated by Melissa Landers. It was one of my all time favorite so I wanted to share its beautiful story.
Thank you so much for the 541 entries submitted. I did not expect that much, considering my small number of readers. I used Random.org to choose a winner from the 541 entries last March 29.
My cute little panda cursor here chose the winner for me. lol. 
Okay, so I actually thought of taking a video while choosing the winner to make it more legit, but if you read my short story above, I was so dead that time, so yeah. I got lazy. Sorry about that. BUT! The owner of entry number 157 is Matt Luigi Macapagal! Congratulations to you my friend!
Well, I already sent him the congratulatory email the night he won. In fact, he already received the book. lol
To you, Matt, Enjoy the book. It is really really really good! I hope you’ll make a review of the book when you finished it. 🙂
So, yeah. I think I’ll end my catching up post here. I am so delighted and excited to write book reviews again in the future. I hope you guys will keep lurking on my blog. So please, don’t leave me yet, huh? Haha. Thank you so much again, and kisses to everyone ~ :*

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  1. Happy Blogoversary again Ate Erika! I'm more than happy to be the winner! Wahhhhh! HAHAHAHA. I feel so honored to be your giveaway winner! Double happiness since your blogoversary happens to be my birthday! Haha! Thank you very much and I'd be more than happy (and excited) to review Alienated once I finish it! Thank you and may your blog always be active! (That Ariel song tho. xD)

    Lots of books and love,

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