Erika E.

Erika is a freelance content writer and illustrator from the Philippines. Aside from her love of arts and reading, she loves taking photos, coffee, cats, and fairies. She's into fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary, and anything young adult genres.

DIY: Character corner bookmark (from my Tumblr)

This is a requested tutorial. Just telling…lol. Recently I really got into bookmarks. I got a free corner bookmark when I bought a book online and I thought it’s cute, so why not try just doing it myself. Uh— but by the way… sorry for the low quality images. My hands are awfully shaky. Here Read more

Hello blogger!

And so it happens. For years, I’ve been trying my best to blog decently. I mean, I post random entries but I’ve never really posted something sensible. I don’t remember how long it was since I’ve created my Tumblr page. I’ve started with random photoblogs… and continued doing just like that. Until I have reached Read more