DIY: Character corner bookmark (from my Tumblr)

This is a requested tutorial. Just telling…lol. Recently I really got into bookmarks. I got a free corner bookmark when I bought a book online and I thought it’s cute, so why not try just doing it myself.

Uh— but by the way… sorry for the low quality images. My hands are awfully shaky.


– cardstock, cardboard paper, cartolina or any thicker/harder paper than construction paper
– pair of scissors
– ruler
– glue
– pencil and marker
– and your creativity

On your cardstock, draw a square measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Draw another 2 squares, one on the side of the first one and the other one on the top of the first square. All three squares must be with the same measurements.

Then on 2 squares (the one on the top and the side), draw a diagonal line. It will look like the image below

NOTE: Ignore those two little curves on one diagonal line. That’s because of the character I picked for the design.


Cut the pattern. But instead of cutting the whole 3 square and forming an L, you must use the diagonal as a pattern for cutting. It will look like a pacman… kinda.

(By the way, before I continue… just so you know, I’m making a Pikachu corner bookmark. Though it seems that my cardstock is so anemic. A very pale yellow one. =_=)

Okay, next, fold the sides you cut from the diagonal line. Get your glue, and put those 2 sides together like the images below

Now… here’s where the part you will make use of your utmost creativity and imagination. lol

I wasn’t able to take photos on how I made the tail, eyes, ears and mouth of Pikachu. Anyway, I guess you can do it on your own. Those little details will depend on what design you will make anyway. (You can now use construction papers or colored papers for the small details. You can also use marker for drawing, e.g, eyes and outlines :))

So, there goes my Pikachu corner bookmark. 🙂

Anemic Pikachu. Even the blush on his cheeks are too pale. Low quality cardstocks. I’m so poor. lol

And Pikachu eating my book. 😀

Oh. And I did another one. It’s my favorite animal, so yeah! 😀

And that’s all. Four easy steps! 🙂

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