Oh well. The last two chapters of Naruto just came out today. I know. I’m feeling nostalgic again.

Let’s go back again to the past…

circa 2007 and 2009

Ah. Such crappy arts back then. lol
NaruHina (2007)
Ah! Fan of NaruHina ever since eh?

Naruto vs. Sasuke [Rasengan vs. Chidori] (2007)
Those two fan arts above were from a very old notebook back when I was in my 1st year in high school. The notebook is full of fan arts from different anime. It is no longer here anymore though. I gave it to my friend who left due to difficult some circumstances, as a remembrance. It was very precious to me.
Hatake Kakashi (2009)

Ever since, I’ve always had a crush on Kakashi. Damn it!
Genins (2009)
Only this one still remains on my possession. I don’t know where Kakashi’s copy went. For as long as I remember, one of my high school classmate asked me for it as a remembrance too. lol
I’m gonna miss Naruto’s journey. Aaah. 
I’ll draw a new fan art sometime. This time, digitally. 🙂

Author: Erika

Erika is a freelance content writer and illustrator from the Philippines. She used to hate writing in high school, but later discovered that it is something that she’d enjoy doing. Asides from books. she also enjoys the presence of few art materials, camera for bookstagram, and other bookish merchandise, on her own fantasy realm.

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