Waiting on Wednesday [5]: In This Life by Christine Brae

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28238993Title: In This Life

Author: Christine Brae
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Expected publication: January 22nd, 2016
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Format: Paperback
Pre-order at: Amazon | Barnes & Nobles |

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
They’re in each other all along.”
They say that life is full of choices. When you’re young and idealistic, you believe that the path you choose is the road that will lead you to your destiny.
But what if, along the way, fate decides to step in, and no amount of logic or rationality or even prayers can save you from your fortune? When the sacrifices you make, the love that you find, and the bright promise of the future are all snatched away from you, you’re left alone to pick up the pieces of your life.
This is a story about love, found in a faraway place by two very unlikely people. It is also a story about friendship and loyalty and fighting for what you have despite the illogical mystery of fate. It is a story of faith and acceptance, and learning that even the best-laid plans are powerless against the alignment of the universe.
From the beaches of Thailand to the streets of New York, three friends, Anna, Dante, and Jude will learn the hard way that once providence steps in, there is nothing in the world that can change what is truly meant to be.

I’ll be reading this in the next few days and this is the first tour I’m joining this year. Isn’t that enough reason to get excited?
Oh, and this is my first Christine Brae novel and my friends kept bugging me to read her works. And did I mention that this is my first Brae novel?

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