The November Book Challenge 2014

Hi guys! It’s been a while! I’ve been quite busy finishing rereading Naruto and fortunately I did finish reading all 700 chapter on the whole month of November before the last movie comes out this coming December. But that also means that I haven’t been able to read other books for this month. Oh wells, I really tried finishing Naruto at my fastest reading speed but… I seriously take sooooo much time appreciating the art and drawing style. Fuu!
Anyway, for today’s blog entry, I will be posting another book challenge! I joined the popular hashtag challenge on Instagram – it’s called the #NovemberBookChallenge14, where there is a list which you’ll have to comply (or take a photo of) everyday for the whole month of November. It was really easy and fun! So first, I will be posting the list, and then the compilation of all my bookstagrams for the challenge.


DAY 1 – November TBR
Day 1 late post: #NovemberBookChallenge14 #novembertbr – I included Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and Ink Exchange even if I’m already reading them. More like, to-finish-reading for October. Haha! #DaughterOfSmokeAndBone trilogy and #Attachments were decided through my TBR jar! πŸ‘

DAY 2 – Favorite romance
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 2: #favouriteromance – Haven’t read Isla yet, but yeah.

DAY 3 – Book with face
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 3: Book with face! Ashallyn’ darkmyr Tallyn #IronKnight 😍

DAY 4 – Favorite paranormal series
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 4: Favorite paranormal series – The Fever Series by KMM. McKayla Layne!

DAY 5 – Cover buy book/s
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 5: Cover buy books – The Selection trilogy, These Broken Stars, Stolen Songbird and Alienated. ✨✨✨ #TheSelection #TheseBrokenStars #StolenSongbird #Alienatedseries

DAY 6 – Book starting with “f”
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 6: Book that starts with “F” – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 😊 #bookstagram #rainbowrowell

DAY 7 – Hardcover of paperback
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 7: Hardcovers or paperbacks – Seriously? Dem naked hardcovers! Just try to look at their beauty. ✨✨✨😍 But really… I don’t mind if it’s paperback. It’s just that hardcovers look good on shelves, isn’t it? πŸ‘
DAY 8 – Book and perfume
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 8: Book and perfume.. and butterfly – Not a big fan of perfumes. I only use body mists or colognes coz I’m not really fond of strong scented perfumes. So there. That’s my favorite scent, brought to you by Avon. lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

DAY 9 – reading outside
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 9: Reading outside – this was taken August, I guess. Uh, this was outside the house, yeah. But inside a milktea house, is that counted? lol
DAY 10 – Book you hated
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 10: Book/s I hated – Hmm… I don’t think I’ve hated any book. Uh, well except for my school books, I guess? Haha. Well, maybe I disliked some books, but not to the point I hated them. For me, dislike and hate are different. And “hate” is just a very strong word. Oh, well whatever. I took a shot of my shelves instead. πŸ˜„

DAY 11 – Couple on the cover
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 11: Couple on the cover – These Broken Stars. Hm, well, I only have 2 books with couple on the cover. This one and Alienated. Haha. #TheseBrokenStars ✨✨✨🌟
DAY 12 – book with worst death
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 12: Worst death – Allegiant because……. ……… ……….. πŸ˜’

DAY 13 – Red books
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 13: Red books – Loving them is reeeeeeed πŸ‘
DAY 14 – Favorite male character
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 14: Favorite male character – Robin Goodfellow from The Iron Fey series. This is the back cover of Iron Knight. 😍 #IronFey #RobinGoodfellow
DAY 15 – Underrated book
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 15: Underated series – Alienated? I, uhm… just can’t think of anything. lol. But yeah, well, I think this is pretty good but it’s not very much popular. Yeah.
DAY 16 – Ugliest cover
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 16: Ugliest (?) cover – not very ugly, it’s hard to chose actually. But this one gives me creeps.
DAY 17 – Favorite part of your shelf
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 17: Favorite part of shelf – too bad, I love everything about my shelves.
DAY 18 – Book and pet
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 18: Book and pet – meet my rabbit. loljk. I don’t have pets here in the city but we have a lot in the province. And yeah, we have rabbits, cats, pigeons and a dog. 😊🐦🐀🐱🐢🐰

DAY 19 – Author starting with “m”
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 19: Name of author that starts with “m” – Marissa Meyer 😊

DAY 20 – Book to movie adaptation you hated
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 20: Book to movie adaptation I hate – PJATO The Lightning Thief… didn’t really hate it to the extent, but I didn’t like it. πŸ‘Ž
DAY 21 – Most owned author
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 21: Most owned author – Julie Kagawa @juliekagawaauthor ~ πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’˜ But I still don’t have a copy of The Forever Song. πŸ’”

DAY 22 – Book confession
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 22: Book confession – I’ve never had my copy of the Harry Potter series until last July when I’ve decided to finally get the books as a birthday present for myself. I’ve watched all the movies…. but honestly, I was only able to read up to the 4th book of the series. Haha. Yeah. So I was planning on rereading HP when I’ll have the time. 😊

DAY 23 – Currently reading
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 23: Currently reading – Love, Rosie which I started last Friday. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and Ink Exchange which I started a long time ago. Yep, not progressing at all — And one ebook, Reluctantly Royal. And I’m rereading Naruto and Horimiya… and I’ve just started Harukanaru Jikuu No Naka De and some more other manga. Gee— I’m hopeless. 😏

DAY 24 – Worst ending
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 24: Worst ending – The Death Cure. He Maze Runner trilogy… or at least for me.

DAY 25 – Book that disappointed you
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 25: Book that disappointed me – Wicked Lovely. I’ve mentioned this a lot of times already, that maybe the reason why I got disappointed with this book is because I’ve read The Iron Fey series and Fever series first and so I’ve set my standards to that of Iron Fey and Fever level when it comes to “fairy” tales. Well, I really love Iron Fey and Fever series, so yeah.

DAY 26 – Most reread book
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 26: Most reread book – Say, to be honest… I have never reread a novel in my entire reading life. I only reread (countless of times) my school books, obviously, for quizzes and exams purposes. lol. πŸ˜‚

DAY 27 – November book haul
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 27: November book haul late post. 😍

DAY 28 – Favorite first sentence
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 28: Favorite first line – “My philosophy is very simple – any day nobody’s trying to kill me is a good day in my book.” – McKayla Lane, Darkfever. The book that got me into reading. πŸ™‚

DAY 29 – November wrap up
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 29: November wrap up – Ha! I didn’t finish any novel this month, shame on me! But guess what? I finished rereading the whole Naruto series! 700 chapters, 15 years old manga, in one month. Hahahaha! Yeah, I didn’t finish any novels coz I was to preoccupied with finishing Naruto. Loooool. PHOTO NOT MINE! πŸ˜‚
DAY 30 – December TBR
#NovemberBookChallenge14 Day 30 – last day! December TBR – bah. I have a looooooooong list of TBR so I just took a shelfie. HAHAHA! I woke up at 12pm, and I was cleaning my room, and so yeah. Hahahaha πŸ˜‚

So, that’s it! I don’t think I’ll taking another challenge for December. I’m just too lazy for this kind of things. Really. Well, until next time! Bye~

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