Review: The Book Depository to the Philippines

Been planning to post this for a while. But because of my OJT, I kinda lost spare time to write and post this up, so yeah. I’m only able to finish this now. lol
Book enthusiasts like me are a big fan of online shops! And aside from saving so much time – sometimes, you get to buy cheaper books than the usual store price since there are lots of book thrift shops and most are pre-loved. And even if the books are brand new, they offer the books in a discounted price. But sometimes, admit it, it’s too risky. Especially nowadays, scammers are everywhere. There are lots of reliable online shopping sites like Ebay and Amazon. But it’s still not that efficient to transact when you live around Asia. Why? Because most sellers from the said online sites are located from the other side of the world, like around Europe or United States. I’m from the Philippines and instead of saving from buying online, I will have to be charged even higher because of the expensive shipping fee. And if you’re unlucky, you double the pay because of the local post office or the customs. I’ve read some reviews that they were charged by the local post office a sum of money for them to be able to get their packages. That’s unfair right?
I have this very long list of books I really want to buy but are not available here in the Philippines. So the only option I have are Ebay and Amazon. But I am really really hesitant to try buying from these online stores since the shipping fee is too expensive – more expensive than the actual book price. I cannot afford such price because I am not yet employed. And one more thing, I’m afraid my packages won’t arrive at my doorsteps.
Until I discovered The Book Depository. Someone from Instagram mentioned this to me and told me to try it if I really want to buy books that are not available here in the Philippines. But what’s the deal? What’s the difference from Ebay and Amazon? Well, The Book Depository only offers free shipping almost worldwide. I repeat. Free shipping. πŸ™‚

And so I tried it. And just the perfect timing, the books I’m planning to buy were on a big sale! The price are half of the original price. I felt so lucky! What a bargain!!!

So to enlighten you guys how this works, here are some questions I was asked by a fellow bookworms:

1. How was it?

– Well, it’s just like a normal online buying. But I guess, better? The books are neatly and properly wrapped in bubble wrappers. Sometimes, books come with free bookmarks – though in my case, I didn’t get any. Hardcovers (for what I know) are delivered in a box and also wrapped in bubble wrappers. And if the books didn’t arrive or are damaged, you’ll have the option between a refund or a replacement copy. πŸ™‚

And also… if you buy, let’s say 2 or more books, the books are packed separately. Though they will arrive together. Just like the images below πŸ™‚

2. Are they reliable?

Oh yes! Very! The Book Depository has its name and is a well known UK-based online bookstore, so you don’t have to worry about your orders not arriving.

3. How do I pay?

– You can pay through PayPal or through debit/credit card. Though I suggest that PayPal is a better option. One time I used a debit card (EON card of Unionbank) and I was charged additional 5% of the book price. I dunno what’s that for… maybe tax or something?

4. How fast can they deliver my books?

– Expect 3-4 weeks. Got mine at exactly 3 weeks after it was dispatched. I paid Thursday then the books were dispatched Tuesday of the following week. Then expect 3 weeks for the arrival of the books on your doorsteps. πŸ™‚

For the Filipino buyers, I suggest that you don’t buy to-be-released books or pre-order books that will eventually be available here in the Philippines. Why? Because of the time difference, some books are being released here in the Philippines earlier than UK so if you pre-order a certain book, you’ll have to wait longer. The Book Depository is a better option when buying books which are not available here in the Philippines (at least for me).
EDIT: I pre-ordered The One by Kiera Cass last March. It was immediately dispatched the day after its release. But it has been 5 months already and I never got my book. So I decided to contact The Book Depository and state my issue. And they handled my issue pretty well. I was really satisfied with their service. I explained my situation and they gave a quick response. They refunded my payment for the book I ordered which never came. And they are nice people. lol
EDIT 2.0: I had another case where I helped my friend to buy a book. It never came in 4 weeks time so I asked for a replacement copy (instead of a refund), and was immediately got taken care of. I got the book 3 weeks after.
And if you are lucky, you get to have your choice of book in a discounted price. I got my Iron Legends and Iron Traitor for only $6.11 each, which is equivalent to about Php250 each only!
So overall… I’ll give The Book Depository a perfect rating, because I’m pretty satisfied with their service so far. πŸ™‚
UPDATE 12/2015
I’m still sticking with my earlier comments that Book Depository is really one of the best online bookstore! I’ve got few more transactions with them without any problem and the books never arrive later than 3 weeks. If they do, they give me either a refund of a replacement copy. BD is a really really great and trusted online bookstore!
UPDATE 03/2016

Additional FAQ and answers

1. What do I do if my package didn’t arrive within 3-4 weeks?

Don’t worry much. The package may have lost somewhere (consider how our local PO sucks too), but you can contact Book Depository on their website or email them regarding your lost package.

You can choose between a replacement copy of the book you ordered or have them refund your payment. I experience 3 lost parcels before. The first one was The One which I mentioned above, and I had it refunded. For the other two, BD sent me replacement copies and they arrived 3 weeks after.

Book Depository has an excellent customer service. They usually reply to inquiries within no longer than an hour. πŸ™‚ 

2. Are the parcels delivered straight to my doorstep or do I have to pick them up from the local PO?

I only experience one time when I had to pick my parcel to PO. It was stressful. You can check my full story HERE. But after that incident, all my parcels from BD were being delivered straight to my doorsteps. I have friends who also order from BD, and so far from what I know, their parcels also arrive straight to their homes.
3. Are there any other charges even if the parcels are delivered to me directly?

No. No more charges. As far as I know, there should be no charge if the parcels are delivered to you directly. If the rider asks for it, ask him why and for what. There should be no charge. lol

I’ll leave this here β™₯

If you have more questions, comment below and I’ll try my best to answer. *winks*

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  • I definitely agree that The Book Depository is the BEST place to buy your books. There are days when they even have discounts (and I see you got a bargain as well… very nice!) so if you're lucky you really get to buy awesome books at cheaper prices. They're definitely reliable, and I wish more people would use them. I always use them for my international giveaways because I'm certain they will never let me and my readers and winners down πŸ™‚

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience with Book Depository. I had my first transaction with them earlier today. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm really concerned though because I have been reading quite a handful of blogposts regarding the local door-to-door delivery and in some cases, they were charged a 50-peso fee for who-knows-what by the delivery man (maybe additional delivery local delivery charges as I know books should be tax-free?). But when these people placed their work addresses, they were never charged. You mentioned that the items were delivered to your doorstep, were you charged an addition 40-50 peso fee?

  • Hello! I didn't have any experience getting charged 40-50 peso fee for the parcels so far, fortunately. I hope you won't get charged.

    Thank you for reading my post. If you have more questions, feel free to send me a direct message. πŸ™‚

  • Hello! Planning to order books from BD and do they really deliver the parcels straight outside your door? Not branch pick-up or some sort? You really don't need to stress yourself from Custom requirements or Postal office checking? 1st time buying online and outside the country, so I'm really really curious on how this works. Thank you for your post, though. Helped me a lot, but still curious about some things.

  • So far, I've only experienced one parcel that I had to pick from the PO. The rest after that all were delivered straight to my doorsteps. No more fees whatsoever. πŸ™‚ You're welcome. I'm glad I'm able to help.

    • Hi! It’s been several months since I ordered my books, but they haven’t arrived yet. I emailed them and they told me to check the local post office. would you know where book depository delivers the books here in the Philippines? I live in Eastwood and I don’t know of any post office near the area. perhaps you have an idea where I can check if they have my books? thanks

      • Hi! Please never go to the post office without a claim notice (which is sent to your house) because you’ll most likely waste your precious time with their terrible service. Either way, the post office where your parcel should have landed is based on the zip code that you used. You can search the branch on the official Phlpost website using your zip code. Also however, you mentioned that it’s been several months – but as much as I want to think that your parcel is okay, several months already sounds like a lost cause. The best thing I can only think of based on your situation is to ask for a replacement copy. I’m so sorry that you’ve become a victim of our terrible postal service. :/

  • Hi i ordered a book from bookdepository and it was dipatched mar 24 2016. Its already april 13 2016. Do you thibk i would need to contact them for a replacement/refund. I live here in Baguio by the way. So it might add up to the delay.

    • Hi I’m also from Baguio, and I was looking for a book which is unfortunately not available here in the Philippines. Until I encountered Book Depository, I ordered 3 books at BD last Feb. 21, 2017. One book was dispatched on Feb. 22 and the other two were on Feb. 23. I want to ask if you received your book, did they delivered it to your doorstep, how long did you wait for the book to arrive?

      P.S. This was my first time ordering from Book Depository

  • You can wait for another week. Maybe it's the location. Usually, I try to get a replacement if the book doesn't arrive in a month. If it already took a month, try to contact them. πŸ™‚

  • Hi! Thanks for writing this. I've always been skeptical about buying anything online but seeing this makes me want to start buying books from bookdepository especially those that aren't available in local bookstores. But I have one concern (apparently, I've never bought anything online before lol), does it really have to be dropped off at my doorstep? What if there's no one around to receive the package? Is it possible to have my books dropped off our subdivision's guard house? Hope you can shed some light on this! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hey there! So far from my Book depository experience, only once did my package drop to PO instead of my doorstep. I'm not sure though regarding the person to receive the package. I think the postman is sensible enough to drop the package to the guard if there's no one around your house. In my case, I live in an apartment building, so all the packages are received by the guard. So even if there's no one around, I can still get my package. Sorry, I don't think my answer will help you in any way. πŸ™

  • Hey there! No, I haven't tried buying book sets (like those boxed sets?) from TBD. But I have tried buying multiple books (like the photo above. I bought two books in one transaction). PO should not charge you anything in any case, since (1) the parcel should go straight to your doorstep and there's no charge on that and (2) even if your package unfortunately fell into your local PO, it's against the law to charge you more than P112 (which is the storage fee) because books are tax-exempt. I had one experience where my BD package went to PO instead of our house and they were asking for unreasonable amount so I can claim my book. I wrote down my experience on that —>

  • Hi! I'd just like to ask did you buy books in USD rates? If yes, anong conversion ang ginamit nila? Some people say kasi na ang ginagamit ng bookdepo is 1USD= 50PHP , how true is that? Thank you so much! I've been really confused by this:(

  • Hi! I buy books on BD with USD rates. I pay in two ways. First is with USD funds from Paypal and the other one is with PHP funds from my debit card converted into USD. I don't think BD is using a fixed rate on their conversions. I think they're using real time conversion rates. When I do my conversions, I use the real-time google conversion rates (almost accurate, if not, maybe only P0.50 or less of discrepancy). Just search USD to PHP on Google. I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  • Hi! Umm can you help me? I ordered a book last June 12 and was dispatched last June 14..I sent an email to the BD help and they told me that it should have arrived by now..Last time I ordered a book it was delivered at my doorstep 3 weeks after I was told it was dispatched..
    I need help with the post its my first time with this kind of thing. I don't know which post should I go or what should I do..I just want to get my book that's all. Please help me with the post..
    Oh and also when I tried to call on the Philpost landline they were asking for the tracking number which I don't know…(is there a tracking number on BD?) please reply :(( I just don't really know what to do..

  • Hi there! Sorry for the late response.
    1. Late arrival – My friend has been experiencing late arrival of his BD orders too lately. In fact, he has one order that's already over two months overdue. I'm not sure if its because of his PO local branch (too much packages to process), because I'm not experiencing the same problem from my local PO. My friend is from Manila

    2. The package should arrive to you directly and not be stored to your local branch for pick up (your local PO is based on your shipping address [zip] or the closest to you. Check PO locations here -> If they will have you pick it up to their branch, you should receive a notice card for you to claim the package. I once went to my local PO to check a late package (apparently it never arrived), they couldn't help me with the transaction (and their system is old fashion and manual, too much work. It was a total waste of time for me).

    3. There is no tracking number provided by BD. It was also one of the reasons why my local PO couldn't help me check if there's a package that arrive under my name (aside from manually looking up for my name on their ledgers).

    4. Since it's been over a month, I agree with Latrell. You should contact BD and ask for either a replacement copy or a refund.

    I hope this helps πŸ™‚

  • Haven't ordered from them in a while but in terms of service, they are very efficient & very accommodating. There was this one time that a book did not arrive so i opted to just have it canceled & refunded since i already saw an similar book available locally. They were very welcoming even with that cancellation & i was refunded immediately.

  • Haven't ordered from them in a while but in terms of service, they are very efficient & very accommodating. There was this one time that a book did not arrive so i opted to just have it canceled & refunded since i already saw an similar book available locally. They were very welcoming even with that cancellation & i was refunded immediately.

  • what a nice suggestion…it's good for book lovers and I wish also to buy a manga but im afraid that I have no debit card and what should I do and also I dont know if what book depository shops could I order

  • Hi! Thanks for this review. I also intend to purchase books from TBD. How do you know if your books are to be picked-up at the PO? And do they deliver during weekends? Gusto ko kasi sana dito lang sa office ipa-deliver, e wala naman akong pasok pag weekends. Is there any chance na weekend siya made-deliver? Thanks!

  • Hey there! You can refer to no.2 FAQ for the answer regarding pick up. As for the weekend delivery, that, I'm not quite sure. One time, I received a parcel from Philpost on a Saturday. But as far as I know, their work hours and days are that of a regular government work hours. The delivery guys, I'm not sure. Maybe they deliver on Saturday (based from my one-time experience), but mostly weekdays sila nagdedeliver πŸ™‚

  • While it's true that it will only take 7-10 business days for the packages to arrive in the Philippines (more specifically, on your local post office), don't expect for the packages to arrive at your doorstep on that same period of time. The problem lies on our local post offices' slow (when I say slow, like REALLLYYYYY SLOW) processing. I usually wait 3-4 weeks for my BD packages to arrive directly at our house. If it's already more than a month, then you can contact Book Depository for either a replacement or a refund. Check additional FAQs on my post for more information.

  • Hi i ordered the complete millenium series from there since it is on bargain and as I saw from their FAQ it says that books shipped from UK will arrive 7-10 days from shipping. Mine ships from UK and was dispatched the day after I placed my order, the estimated time my order will arrive will be on sept. 13-16.
    Did you have an estimated arrival of order when you ordered? Was it 3 weeks? Thank you! And PS love your blog! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Justin! I already answered this far below the comment section. I'll just quote my comment here:

    "While it's true that it will only take 7-10 business days for the packages to arrive in the Philippines (more specifically, on your local post office), don't expect for the packages to arrive at your doorstep on that same period of time. The problem lies to our local post offices' slow (when I say slow, like REALLLYYYYY SLOW) processing. I usually wait 3-4 weeks for my BD packages to arrive directly at our house. If it's already more than a month, then you can contact Book Depository for either a replacement or a refund."

    I think it's safe to say that 3-4 weeks is the standard arrival period for every imported packages (at least for books). This is based from personal experience. If the sender uses standard/regular couriers like UPS for US and Royal Mail for UK (which is used by BD), expect 3-4 weeks ETA to you. The only courier that ships 7-10 days without delay is Amazon and DHL — because they deliver straight to your doorstep, and not to your local post office.

    I hope that helps! Thank you for dropping by my blog! πŸ™‚

  • Hello. I ordered books from BookDepository last month. I am still waiting for the arrival of the last book.

    There's this book that I ordered that was dispatched on August 8. I received it on September 2.

    The book that I am still waiting to arrive was dispatched on August 9, just a day later than the other book. I was expecting it to be delivered sometime between September 3-10 considering that there is only a difference of one day in the dispatching of the two books. Should I go to my local PO to check? πŸ™

  • Hello again! Yup! I've purchased few times from Thriftbooks. However, the items are not directly shipped to me here in the PH because it'll cost me too much. Haha. The first time I purchased from Thriftbooks, I got a friend from US to help me receive the books, and get them to me through Balikbayan Box to save shipping cost. But now, I'm using LBC shipping cart.

    Regarding the condition of the books, they're pretty good for pre-loved items, and for their prices. I recently purchased again from them, unfortunately, one of the books have a big ass slice in the spine. But that's the only problem I've seen so far. Most of the books are ex-library copies so there are stickers, and they are covered with plastic. Not that I mind that. If you're not too picky when it comes to the condition of the books (stickers, slightly yellowing), you'll be really pleased. πŸ™‚

    And just for your reference, here are the books I recently purchased from Thriftbooks. I removed the cover and stickers. lol. They're all library copies. >>

  • Hi Trish! This happened to me before. I won books from an online giveaway. Since BD shipped separately you get separate notifications too. They got dispatched the same day on my part. The first book arrived, the other one, however, never arrived. I waited 6 weeks in total, and ended contacting BD for a replacement copy.

    I won't recommend going to your local PO because I'm pretty sure you won't get any answer. I've done that once and ended up wasting my time. They will ask you for tracking number, which BD don't provide since they're using Royal Mail courier (like out PhilPost here, I think). And if you give them your name instead, it's hopeless. They record stuff manually and have to go through all the records from the recent dates. Haha. You'll only get pissed. πŸ™‚

  • There's an lbc shipping cart option? How? Btw I ordered there recently, just paid 4.99 USD shipping directly at my home, will be expectingvit this sept. 14 – 21. So excited! πŸ™‚

  • Really? When I tried using my PH address, I got quite high shipping cost. Haha. Plus, I also hate going to the PO to claim a package, so I guess, I'd stick to shipping cart. But $4.99 for shipping was such a nice deal! Good for you. πŸ™‚

    Regarding the LBC shipping cart, I haven't had the time to make a review of it yet. But maybe, you can just check directly on their website

  • Gusto ko lang itanong kung nasubukan mo nang bumili ng libro sa Thriftbooks at ginamit mo yung standard shipping service nila (Expedited/Standard) at dumating ba sila mismo sa tirahan mo o kailangan mo pang kuhanin sa local Post Office mo?

    • Hi! Nakabili na ko sa Thriftbooks kaso hindi ko ginamit ung standard shipping nila for international orders. Gumamit ako ng shipping cart para mas mura and para diretso sa bahay. So, sorry, wala akong idea kung didiretso ba sayo if nag-standard shipping ka straight to PH. Pero most probably diretso sa PO, kasi USPS ata gamit ng Thriftbooks.

  • Hi! I would like to say thank you for this post and I would really, really as in really appreaciate it if you would take a time to reply to me, I promise it will only cause you a 1 page worth of reading time of your favorite book. I would like to order to TBD and it said FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, Did you have to use courier, like LBC shipping cart? What location should I fill up the billing adress? Do I fill it up with my real location?I mean, LBC SC uses personalised US adress. I’m just confuse about that part. Lol. First time buying so I’m a bit paranoid. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi! I believe, this question was already answered (or I think not directly an answer to your question but I mentioned the courier they’re using) in the comment section. But again, to answer your question – no. I did not use LBC shipping cart. They are shipping straight to the buyer’s house. It’s free shipping worldwide, so clearly, I won’t bother sending it out to a US address. Hehe. I understand why you’re being paranoid though (I’ve been there on my first online buying experience :p ). So yeah, you can just input your PH address (be sure with your postal code), no need to use LBC shipping cart whatsoever. They’ll deliver straight to your house.

      I’ll make sure to edit my review and include questions like this to the additional FAQs. Haha. πŸ™‚ I’m happy to be of any help to my fellow bookworms. *winks*

    • Hi there! There are many online sellers who offer to buy from BD and other US online stores for you. I can’t remember some of them but there’s one store I can remember, and she’s legit. Check her instagram @k8sonline. Also, try joining book selling groups on Facebook to see more sellers that offers BD buying. Just be mindful when dealing. There are lots of bogus sellers too.

  • Hi, Erika!

    I’m just dropping by to tell you that this is such a great post! This is really helpful for people out there who are skeptical of buying books online. And lemme say that I’ve read A LOT OF POSITIVE FEEDBACKS regarding Book Depository. Thanks for spreading the word, I guess. Thank you for being patient & responsive too to all the questions thrown to you here. And aren’t your blog updated? *winks*


    P.S. I’m planning to buy there & once I have my books, I’ll let you knowy experience. =)

    • Hi James, that’s so nice of you. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I’m glad I’m able to help my fellow bookworms. I know the struggle of a bookworm, so this is my own little way of helping at least. We have limited titles here in PH, so online international stores which offer free shipping are our best options.

      And yeah, my blog is still messy right now. haha. I’ve just migrated from Blogspot, so I haven’t sorted everything out yet. I also went on hiatus for months due to personal reasons. I’m planning to get back and be active this year… hopefully. So, thank you guys for still reading my entries despite the lack of presence recently. πŸ™‚

      I hope you’ll have a great experience from BD. Good luck!

      • You’re so right there. I wish that Book Depository will have their branch here and if that ever be granted… WOOOHOOO! I’m gonna party! LOL!

        Nah, that comment was supposed to be ironic. I guess I didn’t pull it off that well, huh. What I meant was your blog is updated because most of the blog posts I’ve seen around aren’t up-to-date, like the last comment was posted in 2011 or 2009. Something like that. πŸ˜€

        Well… I have something GOOD to share. It isn’t about BD but my experience on our local PO!

        I have a friend who had given me a Kindle Fire as a gift and it was sent through USPS as a priority mail. It took a month before it arrived in our local PO. Then, come the day when I’ll be claiming my parcel (which was last week). I was really paranoid. Like I tried to imagine every single situation that my day could go wrong. Luckily, EVERYTHING WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH. Yep. Thank God! I called them before going there and they told me that I don’t need any notice card anymore (this is a case-to-case basis situation but I advice people to ask their respective PO if they’ll be needing a notice card on claiming their parcel to avoid any more problems.) Then, I went to PO, the Customs officers opened the parcel in front of me. There was a big calculator that made me cringed a bit. He asked for an ID. Then, he asked if I purchased it myself. I told him then that it was given to me as a gift. I paid for the PO handling fee which is 112 pesos and there it was. I got my item.

        I was really relieved that I didn’t have to experience every single bad situation my head had conjured. XD

        I hope people would find this helpful. =)

        • Haha. Yeah. I guess, I misunderstood that one, because well, I’m really inactive these past few months. Lol. Anyway, I am so glad with your smooth experience with your local PO. I hope all branches can deliver the same smooth transaction. Anything worth Php10,000 and under shouldn’t be taxed according to a new BOC law, so… yeah. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I won a giveaway long ago like nung end of June pa last year, and the giveaway holder told me that I most probably be getting the books before August. Unfortunately, no book arrived within the month of July. I addressed it to my house and it was still my summer vacation so I’m just at home most of the time. So I would be there when the time comes that it gets delivered but nothing came.
    I’ve been itching to go to the my local post office but school already started and I’m really busy to stop by the PO, also because it’s too far away from my dorm. I finally was able to go there this Christmas break lang but the guy who works there told me that it has been to long since the shipment and it most likely been sent back. I the end, I still wasn’t able to get my books.

    With that said, my question actually is if I could still be able to get the books I’ve won even if it’s been a long time since? Should I contact the giveaway holder or should I just contact TBD directly, even though I’m not the one who bought the books?

    ps. thank you for this post of yours abt TBD. I’m really clueless when it comes to online buying
    also, hi from a fellow follower on bookstagram! πŸ™‚

    • If it’s from BD, our local PO won’t be able to help you because BD is using royal mail (it’s UK’s equivalent of PhilPost), so there’s no tracking number. The best you can do is contact the giveaway host and ask for the order number of your prize from BD. You won’t be able to get information from BD without the order number. After reaching out to the giveaway host for the order number, contact BD. Let them know that the book was dispatched last June but it never arrived then ask for a replacement copy. Let the giveaway host know about the missing package too. She can actually contact BD for you since she’s the one who purchased the book, pero kung nahihiya ka (which if I’m in your case, mahihiya din ako haha), you can directly contact BD, just ask for the order number. I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  • Hi!
    I’ve found your post very helpful. I want to ask, however, if retailers using Royal Mail deliver the books to your doorstep? I found that Amazon UK is also using Royal Mail and I’m expecting a book I’ve ordered a while back. Thank you.

    • Hello there! I think it depends on what type of posting they made (priority, regular, etc)? BD is using Royal Mail and from my experience, they arrive straight to my doorstep. I haven’t tried Amazon UK, but Amazon US always deliver straight to my doorsteps (not sure what that’s courier tho). If it doesn’t go straight to your doorstep, you’ll get a notice from the PO anyway.

  • I’m only 16 years old and I don’t have an account because I’m underage and that’s why i am using my sister’s paypal is that ok?

  • I knew bookdepository for a long time but I usually borrow my friend’s copies. Now afterbecoming bookstagrammer, I feel I like need my own copy. I have ordered my first book depo last Friday since I can’t find it on Indonesia online bookstore, now I am waiting the package to arrive. πŸ˜€
    Nice tips Erika πŸ˜€

  • Hi. I have qualms about purchasing a book from bookdepository not because I don’t trust their service but because of my location. I’m from Mindanao and it’s been a great source of reluctance. Do you perhaps know someone or a circumstance wherein the book was delivered safely (in Mindanao)?

    • I think I’ve seen people from the Bookstagram community, who reside in Mindanao area, successfully transacted with BD. I just can’t remember exactly who though. I’m sorry, I’m not much of help. :/ Also, I hope you guys are okay in Mindanao. I am well aware of the current chaos, and I my thoughts are with you.

  • Thanks for posting this!

    I ordered a book for the first time last May 12th and didn’t think of doing research first regarding the delivery situation because I just knew BD is reliable, but I forgot that our customs/postal service sucks so bad.

    I’m from Mindanao too (Davao City) and with the current state here, I’m getting worried that my book might not arrive to me..

    Do they give the customers a tracking number?
    BD’s tracking page on their website just says “Dispatched from UK on 17 May”, that’s it.
    That somehow-stagnant order status info–not knowing what is going on with the order for weeks is making me anxious..

    • Hi there! Unfortunately, they don’t provide tracking number. They only use ordinary mail courier (like our own PhlPost and US’s USPS) which is Royal Mail (UK), so there’s no tracking number. If it was just dispatched last May 17th, I think you can still be at ease. As I’ve mentioned, it takes about 3-4 weeks for the packages to arrive. If it’s already over that time, you can contact BD for replacement copy of refund. Don’t worry! πŸ™‚

      I hope you guys are okay in Mindanao!

  • when i read your post about BD, i got excited to buy books since you said they offer free shipping.. but then i thought how about the payment method? lol i was expecting cash on delivery but i realized it’s an international online bookshop hahaha just thought of posting this here…

  • I’ve been purchasing from Amazon for months, and guess what? Prime membership really makes a difference. I ordered a boxset of The Mortal Instruments series & it came here in a week even though I only picked the standard delivery! Cool, huh? πŸ˜‰ And parcels are never delivered to my house. I always pick it up in the local post office instead.

  • Hi There,

    I ordered a book and it was shipped from the UK last September 6, PH time. Today, low and behold, still waiting (so 3 weeks and 1 day in total still not here) πŸ™ I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on my transaction as I live in a condo within metro manila so I’m not sure why it’s taking so long it’s frustrating. Should I check the post office, or how long should I wait before taking any action? I already emailed BD’s customer service but haven’t got a response from them.

    • Hi! I suggest not going to the post office without a claim notice because it will be a total waste of time. I’ve tried that before. Regarding the waiting time, I noticed that packages are taking longer recently, maybe because holiday season is approaching. I usually take action if my package is still not here after 6 weeks (there are times when they take about 5 weeks before they arrive). If you can maybe wait for another week? But also, since you already emailed BD, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a response soon. They are pretty responsive and good at taking care of customers. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! That’s quite long already. If I were you, I’m not going to expect for it anymore. The best you can do now is to contact BD and ask for a replacement copy.

  • Hi there, Erika! I was wondering if you know anything about the International Reply Coupon. The thing is…I’m planning to send a S.A.S.E (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) & apparently, IRC is the equivalent of that here in our country, or at least based on my research. I’ve also gleaned from the bit of research I did, from an old blog, that it costs 45 PHP back then. IDK, how much the post office charges now. (I hope that it’s not ridiculously expensive.)

    • Hi James! It’s actually the first time that I’ve encountered IRC, thanks to you. Haha. But I do use the ordinary mail service of PhlPost, like I’ve just sent a mail earlier today. I’m not sure if it’s just the same price as the regular mail price, but based on PhlPost’s website, my understanding is it should be the same. The fixed rate of 20 grams and under of an ordinary mail for North America is P55. I think that’s the highest. For Asian countries, it’s P40, Australia is P45, as far as I can remember. But yeah. You can try asking your local PO to be sure. They have really nice stamps, by the way. Haha

  • Hey again Erika! πŸ˜€ Dropping by just to see the thorough proceedings again of buying from BD. So here’s my story: I ordered The Hate U Give in hardcover last October 3 and it was excruciating to count all those days of waiting for it to arrive at my doorsteps. Hahaha. So when I got home yesterday noon from school, my mother gave me something she didn’t know and just said that it was a claiming stub that one of our neighbors got when maybe a courier went to our barangay. Imagine that? 50 days of waiting! And what’s even more annoying from what you have blogged is the fact that my parcel was stuck in or local post office and I have to pay 112 pesos which is a bummer. Oh well. I’ll just try to reason with them and if they won’t comply, then I’ll just give the payment to them. Sucks. Hahaha. But it was really a “me and the stub” moment yesterday that made me explode in all possible way imaginable that horrified my mother. Ciao!

    • Oh, good for you that you received your book though! But yeah, it’s a bummer that they didn’t just deliver the book directly and gave you a claim notice instead. Oh well, typical PhlPost. Just don’t let them get an additional tax fee or whatsoever from you other than the P112 storage fee.

  • Hi! Ano pong currency ginamit niyo para sa price? US Dollars pa rin po ba? wala po kaseng philippine peso sa list. Nag estimate estimate lang po kayo?

    • Hi! Yes, USD only pero I use the current forex through Google for estimate. Usually un naman din gamit sa card ko (but most times sa ibang bank higher ng 1 to 2 pesos).

  • Thank you on your planning to order books on BD,books that aren’t available in the philppines.i guess i need to a take risk ordering online if i really wanted a book.

    • BD is still very reliable in my case up to this date, so I don’t think you have to worry. But if you want to be really really sure about ordering books overseas, try Fullybooked’s special order method. They require a 50% downpayment upon placing the order, and the other 50% after the book arrives.

  • Hello. I’m still planning on buying books/manga on The Book Depository. The currency in purchasing is in USD, do they convert that into Php upon payment?

  • Hi! πŸ™‚ I ordered a few minutes ago lol. But I would just like to know if you still order from BD? I’m from Laguna and I was really hoping to receive this. It took me so long to find this book haha.

  • Hi! How did you your package in your local post? I went this week for my package, then they said they cannot track it since it has no tracking number. It’s been over a month and I still haven’t receive mine. πŸ˜”

    • Hi Cherry! BD packages are being delivered directly to our house rather than getting stuck at the local PO. And yes, they can’t track the packages, even in general. They things manually, sadly. Hmm, it’s already the peak season going through holiday so I think the packages handled by PO by this time of the year is doubled, if not quadrupled. Haha. Try waiting another week, then maybe contact BD for a replacement copy then.

  • I ordered from BD twice, but it wqs my first time being charged p112 from local post office. They sent me like a note to claim the package and have to pay p112 for customs hamdling fee. Have you experience this as well? Don’t know how this quite work?

  • Hi. I ordered twice from BD, but it was a first time yesterday to have been charged p112 for customs handling at the local post. Have you had this experience as well? How does it work? Is it based on the total amount of the package or is it based on the size of parcel? Thanks

  • Hi. I ordered twice from BD, but it was a first time yesterday to have been charged p112 for customs handling at the local post. Have you had this experience as well? How does it work? Is it based on the total amount of the package or is it based on the size of parcel? No idea how the custome charge work. Thank you.

    • Hi! It sometimes depends on the local PO. I experience this first time when I also tried BD for the first time, but after that, all my BD packages arrive on our doorstep consistently. I have friends who still get their BD packages in the PO so I think it’s still normal for other local PO branches. The P112 is the storage fee to the PO. It’s a standard rate for packages that needs to be claimed in the post office. There shouldn’t be anything more than the P112. πŸ™‚

  • Hey, were you able to receive yours?
    I ordered the monogatari series book set last Nov. 30, and I’m contemplating on whether or not going to makati post and asking them to let me find my name in their unregistered mail ledger πŸ™

  • My own Book Depository experiences had been hectic and nothing but disappointing.

    The first time I purchased from them, I was gonna buy a Harry Potter hardback set. I was so excited since it was such a steal (around $100?). So I used PayPal for payment. An email arrived saying my order was placed and I just have to wait for it to be dispatched. It was until four days later when I remembered to check the status in the tracking page and saw that it changed to dispatched. So I just had to wait. Life went on, I passed my exams, moved on from a crush, got a pet cat. Then at some point I realized it’s been 2 months since the BD purchase I did. So I started worrying and reading reviews and since the reviews were positive, I chose to wait. It took me about two weeks when I decided to ask the PO if there was an unclaimed parcel under my name. Nada. I waited again, then chose to contact BD and inquire about it. They were very responsive and even suggested that they will just send a replacement or I can opt to refund the money. I chose a replacement, of course, convinced by the reviews and a tad hopeful that I was just unlucky the first time. BD dispatched a replacement right away. But again, it never came. I did the same, I waited checked the PO, even managed to get a nickname from the people working there (they started calling me Book Bank, huh), and still, nothing. So I contacted BD again and I said I have no other choice but to ask for a refund which they fulfilled immediately.

    I wasn’t discouraged by this failure. I tried ordering from them again, a Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Battle of the Labyrinth this time. Fortunately, this one arrived after three months. A claim stub was given to me by a PO mailman. I went to the PO and processed the stub, only to be asked a payment of Php 118.00. I paid, thinking it’s for handling and stuff. I got my PJO book.

    The third time I bought from BD was last year, August 6. I purchased a Pride and Prejudice book for $8.03. I still haven’t received it until now. I just contacted BD and I am hoping they will respond soon like before. That book was supposed to be a gift to a friend who is collecting all the prints and releases of the Pride and Prejudice, it was for her birthday last December. Imagine being called a “paasa”, albeit as a joke, without having a say in it because in reality, I know I kinda am.

    • Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your experience.

      Hmm, if you got your 3rd order of PJO, I am betting that someone on your branch may have taken an interest in your HP hardcover set. It’s not impossible given our custom’s terrible reputation.

      Anyway, I personally suggest that you avoid purchasing big sets, or books that cost more than average (as a set or individually). I also have a friend who got taxed by customs for her HP set. Not sure if it’s from BD, but any other online shop that goes through customs is subject for any repercussion so… I won’t risk it. I only use BD for purchasing books that are not available here in PH. Also, this post was last updated in 2016, so might as well update this now and add some measures that I may have already replied to some comments.

  • Hellooo, i am also from the Philippines. i just ordered my first book on BD and reading your post made me feel 100 times better because i was so scared that it might be a scam or something like that. i also wanted to ask if what local delivery companies are delivering the books? LBC, NinjaVan, or etc? Thank youu

  • Hi! I’ll ask if it really took a month waiting for delivery, my orders was dispatched last apr. 6 and it still haven’t arrived. Do you suggest i already go to our local post office? Thanks!

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