Pencil Art: When Boredom Strikes: My OJT sketches + TFIOS fanart ♥

Hi guys! I’m still shucking alive shanks!!! Being a little used to these The Maze Runner slangs. lol

Finally got some time to update mah blog. Ugh!

And yeah, so I’ve mentioned from my last post that I’ve had my internship, and just recently finished it. Well not really recently… I finished my OJT on May, and it’s already July. So I want to congratulate myself for finishing my internship without having so much trouble! Yay! —- Not being sarcastic here. No but, seriously, it was so much fun.
On this post, I will just show you what I’ve been doing in my 31 days of training. I totally rocked it! No kiddin! Here’s a proof:
Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t have my internship on an art studio and became a portrait artist of some kind. I’m not a Fine Art or Architecture student either. Know what? I’m an Accounting Technology student! I’ve had my training at the accounting department of 2GO Group Inc. Just search what the company is all about, too lazy to explain.
So yeah… Since my blog is 1/3 about books, 1/3 about arts and 1/3 about other shitloads of random things, don’t get too confused.
I’m sharing these here…
First set…. One lazy noon, out of boredom I saw a pencil somewhere and started doodling random characters. This trainee from another school saw me. Then she asked if I can draw real people. Like, real. Realistic. I said yes, but not a pro… since I’m more of a digital artist than a traditional pencil artist. Then she asked me to draw Kathryn Bernardo (local celebrity) since she’s a big fan of her and Daniel Padilla. (I’m not a fan of either. I don’t watch TV. lol) And so I tried, with a small scratch paper. Haha. Well, I don’t actually think the outcome really looks like Kath, but nice try I guess? Then, I also drew Jack Frost and Elsa on the extra papers. 🙂
MEDIUM USED: Random pencil & scratch papers 🙂
April 15, 2014

Second set… It was funny how this new friend of mine spread to the department that I draw. She’s like endorsing me or something. lol. And then, she asked me again to draw, this time, Daniel Padilla. Most of the employees saw me drawing on the side. And I really never thought that most of them are also KathNiel fans. Hahahaha. So they asked me to draw another Daniel. So the result of 2 Daniel sketches. They’re like “Hey, please draw a portrait of me.” , “I think you’re on the wrong department.” , “Why didn’t take up art courses?” , “I will pay you, please draw me and my friend.” and such. Hahahahaha. I don’t know if I should be happy with all these. But anyway, bad hair shading. Because I was too tired then. And it’s also funny how these people photocopied these drawings so that they will all have their own copies. 😀
MEDIUM USED: Mongol pencil #1, olso paper/scratch paper
May 2, 2014

Third… Avril Lavigne! Out from my dead hours in the office. I was just using a simple led pencil so, bad shading as usual. Haha This is the only sketch I got to keep the original copy. The rest, just a photocopy. lol

MEDIUM USED – Mongol #1 pencil, oslo paper 🙂

May 5, 2014

Fourth… This! This… I’m not impressed with myself here. I redraw this for like, 3 or 4 times (?) before I came up with this finished product… And the drawing doesn’t even resembles them (Kathniel)… I.. I’m not a fan, okay? xD

MEDIUM USED: Graphite pencils

May 12, 2014

Fifth… this is a requested drawing of one of the employees in 2Go whom I got close to. I dunno if I did a good job on this….. I haven’t seen the subject so I’m not really sure if it looks like her. lol
May 21, 2014 (supposed to be my last day in 2GO)
Sixth… It was our last day… While waiting for our time to go home, I made this with a memo pad I saw somewhere. lol I gave this to Ma’am Fer and she posted it on her cubicle. *u*
MAY 23, 2014
So… After watching TFIOS, all the feels still linger in me. To express it all, I made this fan-art. Now, you judge. I’ll just leave this here 😉
Jun 11, 2014

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