DIY Tutorial: Turn Your Old Dangling Earrings into Ribbon Bookmarks

I love love love bookmarks! Especially crafty, fancy, and artsy bookmarks. In fact, I have a lot! I’m no collector, but I just love getting artsy bookmarks. It always makes me so happy when there’s a free bookmark on the book I purchase. And some of my favorites are those free from The Book Depository. They always have these beautiful illustrations on their free bookmarks, and I really love those.
Here are some of my bookmarks and flags.

But one Monday afternoon, when I decided to clean my table drawers, I found these old good dangling earrings and some bracelets. I don’t wear dangling earrings so I thought of making something new out of them instead of throwing them away. You know, it will be such a waste.

And then I posted my finished product on our book community on Facebook, and some have requested for a tutorial.

Here’s one of my finished product. I bought the tree of life charm.

I’ve also looked over the internet for more inspirations and there are lots of beautiful DIY bookmarks I’ve found. And I want to try them all! These fancy bookmarks would actually make good gifts, especially for readers. So try making them yourselves! The materials I used can be found pretty much at home. Let’s start!

♢ Old earrings, bracelets, beads, charms
♢ Ribbons
♢ Ribbon crimps/cord ends
♢ Jump rings (optional)
♢ Long-nose pliers, pair of scissors

 Cut the ribbon to the desired length. I used an actual book for reference. Just leave at least 1 inch allowance on both ends.

 Fold both ends of the ribbon about 1cm or less. This is for the crimps to have something to grasp.

 Pinch the crimp with the long-nose pliers firmly.

If you don’t have crimps, worry not. On my first experiment, I only tied the ribbons like the one below. You’ll just have to tie both ends nicely and neatly. I got my crimps on some charm shop online.
♢ Choose the charm/pendant/bead or whatever you would like to attach on the other end. I used an old dangling earring so I had to remove the hook using the pliers.

 Then use a jump ring (those tiny ring connectors) to extend the earring. But this is optional if you don’t have any jump rings available. You can just use the one already attached on the earring to connect on the crimp. Connect them using the pliers.

 On the other end, choose whatever beads or charm you like. I used a heart and star charms, which I got from old bracelets.

 And here’s the finished product! So easy, right? You and your book can now enjoy using your DIY bookmark!

And to celebrate Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthdays, I’ve also made a golden snitch ribbon bookmark earlier

And more of my DIY bookmarks

You can use more beautiful ribbons such us those grosgrain ribbons with prints and more charms which you can buy on your favorite crafting stores. I would like to try using more fandom charms soon!

By the way, do you think it’ll be a hit if I sell these? lol

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