Book Review: The Billionaire’s First Christmas by Holly Rayner

Title: The Billionaire’s First Christmas (A Winters Love Book #1)

Author: Holly Rayner
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit, New Adult
Release Date: December 8th, 2014
Format: Kindle
Get it on: FREE (Amazon)


Aaron Winters, the gorgeously handsome billionaire CEO and philanthropist has always hated Christmas; for him, the festive season holds too many tormenting memories…

Robyn Hurst is one of his many dutiful employees, but won’t let anything – or anyone – cancel Christmas for her.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, the traditional charity auctions take place; Robyn finds herself one of the unlucky ones, auctioned away for a date with the highest bidder. Just when she fears falling into the wrong hands, she’s relieved to find that a mysterious bidder has saved her. She’s even more surprised to discover that it’s none other than Aaron Winters himself!

Soon they find themselves in a most unexpected romance, as Aaron finds a woman truly in love with life, and Robyn finds her billionaire suitor to be more than just a wealthy curmudgeon; can Robyn bring him out of his shell, and teach Aaron the true joy of Christmas?


This is a very short one. I got to read this during the holiday vacation because I saw it’s free on Amazon Kindle. I downloaded bunch of Kindle e-books last holiday vacation because I can’t bring physical copies of books in my hometown – you know, excess baggage.  I was reading this on New Year’s eve. lol
This has only 185 pages so it’s really fast and light read. Though a very common story. You know, rich guy and the normal girl who fell in love. I like the atmosphere of the whole thing but I still find the story kinda odd. This young CEO guy hates Christmas for some reasons and this young gorgeous lady loves Christmas so much. Then there goes their stories as to why they feel as such with Christmas. It’s too Christmassy – not that I don’t like Christmas – just, what a plot.
But still,  Aaron and Robyn are so adorable and sweet couple. They give a light and cozy feeling to the reader, well at least for me. And I liked how Holly Rayner reminded me the real essence of Christmas – it’s all about giving and making people happy.
I wasn’t hooked to core, but it’s okay. I don’t dislike it. It’s just fine. I think, this is a good read for Christmas seasons so, when I started reading it during the holidays (on New Year’s eve to be exact), I felt it’s just the right choice. I started really feeling the season. Very warm and cozy and I actually enjoyed this one despite finding the plot odd.

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