Art Commission: Sora no Otoshimono: Ikaros and Tomoki

Getting a little giddy over this post because after a really long time, I have finally finished a new anime drawing. Sounds too simple right? Like who cares? Nope. It’s just that I really missed doing this and lately, I’ve been posting a lot about books. So it came to me that I should make up for the equilibrium of this blog (books and arts, that is.) – I decided to post something artsy now.

So recently, I’ve been very busy with my usual part time job as an illustrator for kids apparels and as a character designer for a trading card game project – and plus school works, so I never really get any chance to do anime drawings again. Well unless someone will commission me from deviantart just like this one. This has been long overdue, not only this one actually, but all my clients are so kind and patient. Instead of pulling out the commissions, they’re trying to understands my situation as a student and they’re patiently waiting. I really appreciate that, seriously.

Still trying to catch up on my other commissions and I’ll hit all those at once when my exams are over. Next week, I’ll finally have a break from school and I’m kinda excited for that!

So, here’s the latest anime drawing I’ve been working this past weeks… in 7 steps!

1. Sketch!

2. Adjust opacity

3. Do the line art

4. Color base

5. Color shades and shadows

6. Add background

7. Final touch. Details. And ta-dah!

There you go guys! You can download the full resolution on my Deviantart! 🙂

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