Hey guys! So… I’ve only managed to finish three books this month. Such a loser, I know, I know. Geez. Well, I have reasons you know. I’ve been working a lot on my commissions, so yeah. Even my blog post is late. lol
There! Fortunately, all 3 have reviews. Just click the title to read my review. *winks*
Aside from drawing, I’m also preoccupied with my rereading of Naruto. Hahahaha! So yeah, I’ll go back to finishing my books after I finish Naruto. Before December, I’ll finish Naruto for sure.
Well, then.

Author: Erika

Erika is a freelance content writer and illustrator from the Philippines. She used to hate writing in high school, but later discovered that it is something that she’d enjoy doing. Asides from books. she also enjoys the presence of few art materials, camera for bookstagram, and other bookish merchandise, on her own fantasy realm.

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