The Workplace Selfie!

Hey! Guys! I’m posting my “workplace selfie” tag here. This tag is actually created by artists on Facebook to show their workplaces. All you need to do is just simply take a photo of your workplace, then label things you’ll find on it. I think this can be applied for bookworms too. You know, reading nook selfie. Well, this is my workplace and reading nook at the same time, so…  Here ya go,

I limited my labels to only 20, coz why not.

1. Samsung laptop
2. Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet
3. Cork board + pictures and notes
4. phones
5. desk lamp
6. pencils, pens, markers, rulers, brushes.
7. watuurrrr (there’s no way I won’t have water anywhere I go)
9. stained glass art (this was a project on my Art Appreciation class. lol)
10. Kakashi poster โค
11. unfinished books + sketch pad
12. manga and anime magazines
13. Dauntless bookcase
14. more sketch pads and art materials
15. bookshelf #1
16. bookshelf #2
17. mini whiteboard for super important notes
18. speaker
19. guitaaah
20. trash!-can 

Now… this post is so random, I know. Excuse me. Bye!

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