ARC Review: Omega by Lizzy Ford

Title: Omega (Omega #1)

Author: Lizzy Ford
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Science Fiction, Dystopia
Release Date: October 26th, 2015
Publisher: Captured Press
Format: ARC Paperback
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In a modern world ruled by territorial Greek gods, the human race has been oppressed, exploited and now, nearly destroyed by the constant infighting of gods. 

However, a human girl with the power of a goddess is coming of age. Alessandra is the Oracle of Delphi – the last prophesized – and bears the mark of the double omega. Soon after she turns eighteen, Alessandra is told her destiny: to step between the warring gods and the human race and save her world from certain ruin. 

For the gods, her appearance marks the beginning of the end – their end. They and the Triumvirate – leaders of the human elite – who serve them will stop at nothing to preserve their power. 

Alessandra emerges from the forest where she spent her life hidden from gods and men and immediately plummets into a race against time, gods, and herself to discover who and what she is in a world where everyone she meets has a hidden agenda, and those pulling the strings remain in the shadows.

Before she can determine exactly what kind of savior her world needs, she must first master her power by completing three trials devised by the Triumvirate to enslave her. 

One lone girl stands between warring gods and the people she’s destined to protect, but it’s the battle to understand who she is that she must win first.

*I received a signed ARC paperback from Epic Teen Fiction and Lizzy Ford in exchanged for an honest and unbiased review.

I honestly have no idea what Omega is all about. I just saw it from a blogger friend and look it up on Goodreads and I thought it has a pretty cool cover and a promising Greek mythology reference.

I was never a fan of Greek mythology. Don’t get me wrong, I like Percy Jackson but I never went all gaga about it. Prolly because I don’t have much knowledge about Greek mythology, and just thinking about all the logic gives me headache. Seriously.

But I was so surprised when I read Omega. Omega was pretty unexpected. The plot was so refreshing and original. 

The story. With the concept of Greek mythology on a politically inclined world, that alone was able to get my attention. Gods rule the humans and they were being exploited, and now about to be destroyed. The only hope the world has was a human girl, named Alessandra, with a power of goddess, she’s the Oracle of Delphi. And she has to master her power first, for her to be able to determine what kind of saving the gods and mankind need. She didn’t know who to trust and who to side with, she must determine it all by herself. They hid her to the world for the past 12 years to save and train her. And when it was about time to be released, she was just so confused and she didn’t have any idea about all the happenings around her.

At first, I was as confused as Alessandra. I seriously didn’t know what’s going on. It took me quite an amount of time to absorb the whole idea of the book. Then I decided to check out few spoiler-free reviews to have more insights. Then I discovered about all the mini-series that were released way before the actual Omega novel. And I thought, “ah, I guess I made a pretty big mistake here. Should I read those mini-series first then?” But I decided to go against that idea and just continue with the main Omega novel, just because… 

I was glad that I finally able to grasp the whole logic of the book before reaching halfway. I was able to finally join the flow of the story and I got more and more interested as the story progress. This is a pretty lengthy and thick book and I was dreading for boredom, but fortunately, what Lizzy Ford gave me were thrill and excitement alone.

The writing style. This is the first novel I read by Lizzy Ford. And I am so glad that I got the chance to try her work. I like her style of writing. It’s refreshing and not complicated. The world-building was amazing. She was able to turn the modern America into godlike territory effortlessly. And that’s pretty cool. I also like how she added cute and funny scenes despite the too much dystopian feels. It’s effective!

The characters. When reading a novel, characters are always a BIG deal to me. If I don’t connect with the main characters after reading half of the book, I’ll most probably give up or just end up disliking the book. And what I like about Omega was the strong impression that the characters gave off. Alessandra might not be the most likable heroine due to her infuriating inferiority complex and stubbornness, but she’s still a promising character. I like her strong personality and the way she can handle herself in the battlefield without asking for her ass to be saved by those who care for her.

Am I the only one who thinks that Adonis/Mismatch’s mysterious aura was extremely sexy? lol. It’s also nice that the supporting characters were able to get fair exposure and weren’t overshadowed by the others throughout the whole book.

The romance. Nothing intense and overly romantic here. The romance was just pure and sweet. Both of the parties involved were funny and innocent when they’re together. I find their arguments extremely cute and I sometimes find myself laughing. Real laugh. Aloud.

The plot twists. Too many twists and turns and surprises happened. That’s why I said that this book was pretty unexpected. You’ll just get surprised by every bit of revelations.

Overall. I had a fantastic journey with Alessandra and the other characters. I was so stoked to get into a new and refreshing world and I was more than glad that I was able to get what I was looking for. I totally recommend Omega and the mini-series (Omega Beginnings). I can’t help but feel impatient for the 2nd book. I hope it’s 2016 already!!!

**All pre-order proceeds will go to charity. So please pre-order Omega using the links above on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. Thank you so much, Erika!! I'm so happy you loved it! <3 (And don't worry – Alessandra matures quite a bit in book two! Haha!) <3 tons of hugs!

  2. Yay!! I'm sooo glad to know that, Lizzy. I understand why Alessandra acts like that, it's because she was blocked from the world. Haha. I also like her childish behavior sometimes, I think it's cute. (But too much is not I'm so excited for the next books! <3 Thanks again for providing me a copy of Omega. Love lots!

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