Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015! And Hello 2015 Reading Challenges!

I’ve just realized that I have yet to properly greet everyone a Happy New Year!
The previous year, 2014, has been a very great year for me. A lot of things happened that made my year so unforgettable and so memorable. I’ve started running this blog last year, and even if I don’t have much reader, I know I still have few visitors and I really thank you all for that and for taking your time to drop by my blog and read. Now, I’m wishing for a better and more awesome year ahead, and I’ll try my best to make my 2015 as great or even greater than my 2014. I’m also wishing everyone the same, of course. And if you don’t have the same great year as I have; if you have some bad memories or experiences from last year, try to move forward and look on the brighter side this year. Everything will be alright if we stand taller and face the future optimistically. Happy 2015 everyone!

And so, I have already started my year with doing something bookish related and I hope I can keep this up through out the year. I’ve joined the very popular “2015 Reading Challenge” created by Popsugar.
But as you can see from the photo above, instead of printing the actual template made by Popsugar, I had hand-written mine. Well, because our printer is broken and I just hate going outside during cold days, so I thought of just doing this and adding some artsy. lol. For the actual list, click the image above.
I’ve also set my Goodreads reading goal. Yay!
I’m kinda hyped with the reading challenges for this year that I’m seeing. At first, I was hesitant. Just, why would I want to pressure myself, right? Setting a reading goal? It will only put me into a lot of time-pressure and I’ll just end up not enjoying anything I read. Well, that might happen… but then, I know myself so much, and I love challenges.
And actually, I’m this kind of reader where, I have a really really long list of to-be-read books, and I don’t follow the order of when I put them on my list, so a lot of times when I have to pick a new read, I just can’t decide which one to start reading. And when I saw Popsugar’s reading challenge, I thought that was just to perfect for me. I mean, the challenges will literally help me pick new books to read. That will make my life easier. Though, I also admit that I’m kinda afraid that I might fail. Who would want to fail anyway? And that’s it. When you start to worry about failing the challenge, isn’t it the time where you’ll also begin to feel pressured? And I don’t like that. I don’t like the feeling of failing, yes, I’m very competitive, but I also don’t want to be pressured; but then again, I love challenges. Man, it’s just too complicated.
But in the end, I’ve told myself to go for it and give it a try. It’s not like I’m running a marathon or joining a contest or whatsoever. It’s just a reading challenge, and I’m just challenging myself – I’m not doing this for anyone else but me. If I fail, it’s not like, I’ll fail for someone, so I’ll just have to try harder next time. I’m planning to do my reading challenges just for fun, and for excitement. No pressure. No fears of failing, just pure challenges and exploration for myself.
I am aiming higher this 2015! Another reason I joined the challenges is because I want to accomplish something this year. I’ve already mentioned that I don’t like the feeling of failing (I can accept it, but admit it, even you, don’t like it right?), that’s why I want to be competitive. But I’ll do it without  so much pressure. I’ll try to be competitive in a more enjoyable way, Well, anyway, I’m used to that way, because I’m always like that. You know, in Tagalog, they call it “petiks”. lol. I’m a big hella procrastinator, but when I do something, I’ll surely get to it and be done for sure. Being stressed out and rushed is not my forte. I do things calmly even if I’m on the verge of deadlines. But I know when to stop playing around and when to get serious. Oh yeah, that’s me.
That’s why I love challenges! I get to explore and enjoy things, you see.
Hah! Well, I talk to much, aren’t I? One last thing, HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN GUYS! Watch out for a blog giveaway soon! And whatever it is with reading challenges, I just want to say something, and I think, this is pretty appropriate…

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